Google’s New Science Journal Will Turn an Android Smartphone into Laboratory

Google science journal app

Science journal is a Google Android app that has worked to its best capacity for scientific experiments. It is a new application which has the best scientific measures of presenting data. The application records and measures data in real life circumstances, and then present the data in forms which can easily be interpreted such as graphs and charts. Since it is able to manipulate the depended and independent variables to form a simple graph and charts, it is the best application for scientific experiments.

The app can store multiple projects

The users are able to store their projects in the app. An accelerometer is a tool which is used together with a sound meter in order to get information for projects. One can record their running pace every day for a whole month, then the progress of this will be illustrated in the application as a chart or line graph. The eating pace of people can also be recorded with time, and the variables will be presented in a chart or line graph. This makes it easy for people to understand the data better.

Help people to make predictions

It is a tool that utilizes your smartphone. After recording data for some time and the charts together with the line graph drawn, predictions about the next variable can be deduced. This is possible because when the trends are in the graph, predicting the next variable is easy. This application utilizes the external sensors that are fitted in your smartphone to conduct the experiments.

The application acts as a lab-notebook
After conducting the experiments, you have to record the results. However, you don’t need to bother since this will be done by the application. Multiple of trials will also be conducted to prove the same concepts. After obtaining the results, then judgments need to be made concerning the experiments, and this is aided by the application. Therefore, this app acts a lab-notebook for people.

It acts as pocket laboratory
As a tool which is used to measure light, motion, sound and any other activity, it acts as a pocket laboratory. It can measure, record, analyze, present and make conclusion about a variable. Therefore, it is suited to be called a pocket laboratory.

It has the provision for the Meter mode verses Graph Mode
Since the experiments usually have different modes of interpreting the data, the application gives room to variety of way of presenting this data. The data can be presented as graphs mode or meter mode depending on how you want the data to be. In the meter mode, the data is presented with a numerical value and changing animation. The graph mode usually displays a line graph. In this mode, you can be able to magnify the data presented by zooming in order to take a closer glance at the graph and scroll back to see the data in its original form. The application has the icon for selecting the mode.

Science journal documents investigations
Projects can be documented with this application in form of data visualizations, videos, sound, and photos. Once you begin your investigations by asking questions, this app gives you a provision where you can record your observation and ideas. It also has a provision where you can set up a new project by outlining and stating the goals of the project.

Help to make conclusion about the investigations
The conclusions of the investigations and experiments can easily be made from the information that will be presented by the application. You can make conclusion concerning a certain variable from the trend which is provided by the application. These conclusions are usually important since they aid in the planning process by interested parties.

This application uses the internal sensors which are linked to the external sensors. You need to purchase the application in order to have a taste of its fine services. However, the hands –on learning kits are sold by Google to accompany this app. These hands-on kit contain external sensors and other components like the microcontrollers which aid kids to conduct experiments. You need to own the application for the best services just at the touch of your smartphone. Science journal is the best Google’s new android app.