What Was So Great About Stone Cold Steve Austin?


If we had to pick one superstar as the biggest in the history of the WWE, it would be Stone Cold Steve Austin. When the glass breaks and his music hits, you couldn’t help but cheer and get hyped for the man that was about to walk down the ramp and lay out everybody in that ring. One stunner was all it took for him to get everybody on their feet.

But, what was so good about him? Well, he presented something unique in the WWE. There are a lot of babyfaces and heels in the company and the world of wrestling. But, he was something different as he was that anti-hero that has never really been utilized in the wrestling before he did it. He was going up against an evil owner in Vince McMahon, which made people sympathize with him as they probably do hate their bosses as well.


Stone Cold Steve Austin was fighting for every single hard-working American, so that is why it was easy for the fans to associate with him. His promos were always to the point, he wasn’t trying to fool anyone, he was straight forward and didn’t keep anything to himself. That badass anti-hero was something that became pretty popular in the late 90s, so much so that he probably became an even bigger draw than Hulk Hogan.

Nobody can forget that Austin 3:16 promo at the King of the Ring pay per view when he won the tournament. It showed just how competitive he is as a performer and how badly does he want to succeed. Vince McMahon seems out of touch today, but he did an amazing job with the making of Vince McMahon TV character that was able to elevate Stone Cold to the heights unseen before. That is why Stone Cold Steve Austin was so great.