THE GREATEST LOVE STORY: We were together in the incubator, and now we are getting married!

“We asked each other for a zodiac sign, and “Leo” was what we both shouted. We took our ID cards out only to find out that we were born on the same day!”

Another proof that life is the most wonderful miracle comes from the ten-year love between Aleksandra Lukic and Nemanja Djurovic from Serbia! They were born on the same day, on July 31, 1984, in the Clinic for Gynecology and Obstetrics in Belgrade, Višegradska. Together they spent a couple of days in the incubators. Then they split only to find each other again 10 years ago. Nemanja was born at 11.30, and Aleksandra was born at 18.15! Due to their low weight, they ended up in the incubators.

Although the fate took them to different sides, they saw each other again on December 1, 2007! At the time, Nemanja’s friend and Aleksandra’s friend were dating.

“The two of us were living together in my apartment on Miljakovac, and the two of them on Medakovic. We wanted to give a surprise to my friend’s boyfriend and to show up in their apartment. We gave all the money on a taxi. At first glance, I didn’t like Nemanja.

“At the time I still did not know that he was the baby that was with me in the incubator. He didn’t give the impression of a serious person. He acted frivolously. I remember thinking, “What is this? What kind of a person is this?” I went away from there without any thought of ever seeing him again,” said Aleksandra honestly.

Nevertheless, according to Aleksandra, the boyfriend of her friend gave Nemanja’s phone number to her, and that’s when all actually started.

“I started texting him. He did not know who it was because I told him that my name was Marija. That correspondence meant nothing to me. It was just for fun! I wrote to him that I watched him at the game, as he was training a water polo, and that I liked him.”

“He replied to my messages. And then his friend told him that it was me! He asked me out immediately. I agreed, and on December 9 we went out” – said Aleksandra adding that she remembered all the details from their date:

“He came in a shirt, all shaved and beautiful! We were walking down the main street of Belgrade, and then we went to Kalemegdan fortress. First, we asked each other for a zodiac sign. “Leo!” was what we both shouted. We took our ID cards out only to find out that we were born on the same day!”

“Something like this has never happened to me before,” I told him. We started dating that evening,” said Aleksandra, adding that the first months of their relationship were wonderful, but that she did not expect it to last 10 years.

“In that period, I do not even know how and why we began to talk about when and where we were born. Little by little and we concluded that we were together in incubators. As we were born on the same day, we were placed there, in the same maternity ward!”

“It was unbelievable! Our mothers did not remember each other from that period. For our families, our story was also absolutely incredible” – told Aleksandra, adding that their relationship resembles all other relationships.

“We live our own lives. We love each other very much. Destiny has brought us together, but it does not scare me at all. He’s quiet and calm and I’m brisk and lively! Although life is unpredictable, I’m sure that I want to spend it with my – friend from the incubator,” admitted Aleksandra.