Green Bay Packers vs. Atlanta Falcons – Week 8 Picks And Predictions

There has been a lot of talk about Aaron Rodgers and him slowing down. He hasn’t been as good as he can be and that is something noticeable in this season. Packers’ signal caller did have some decent performances, but people got used to seeing much more from him. His rival on Sunday has played far better than him, but can Matt Ryan beat the Packers?

Falcons lost two straight games. They could have easily won that duel in Seattle just a couple of weeks ago. One call didn’t go their way, and it was enough for them to fall short. They are lucky that their division is a bit depleted right now, nobody is really dominant, so the Falcons are still in front. To their credit, they have been by far the most consistent and the best squad in the NFC South.

Aaron Rodgers had a good match against the Bears. Still, he had thrown a lot of short passes and didn’t do what he does the best. Rodgers is one of the most talented quarterbacks that NFL has ever seen. His ability to adjust and throw on the run with perfect accuracy is what makes him great and deadly. He needs to get back on his feet and be that Aaron Rodgers we all know.

Both of these teams are not known for their defenses. Packers’ D-line is probably a bit better than Atlanta’s. They have that playmaking factor and are known to have some games in which they just make big plays.

That is why we are going to pick the Green Bay Packers in this one. This is a very tough game to predict, and Atlanta could also win this match, but we are sticking with Rodgers. He will deliver, and we expect to see his best performance of the season. The final result should be 34:33 as he will lead his team to victory in Atlanta.