Grimm – Will There Be Season 7?

A great number of fans of the Grimm series is on pins and needles waiting to find out whether there will be season 7 of the show. There have been many speculations, some saying it is cancelled, some quite the opposite, and everyone would like to know the truth finally.

At the same time, there are so many mysteries in season 6 to be resolved and so many questions to be answered. That sequence of events intrigued the fans even more. They would like to see Sean Renard and Nick Burkhardt head to head. This is said to be the most awaited scene, so one can expect quite an explosion of negative emotions if season 6 is the last one to be produced leaving a lot of loose ends.

Since the last episode of “Grimm” Season 5 was titled “The Beginning Of The End: Part 2” there is enough room for us to draw a conclusion that this is the last season. Unfortunately, none of the people who are part of the “Grimm” franchise wants to reveal anything on the topic.

Rumors that “Grimm” Season 7 will be cancelled spread after some reports on the low rating of the TV series had been published. However, this is not good enough for its fans, since they can see that the official Facebook page of the series has more than 2.5 million followers, which is quite a result.

Grimm Season 7 Release Date

Nonetheless, no official statement has been made yet by any of the cast or the people behind the show. It seems that release date is still under discussion and no one knows whether or not the sequel will push through. In the meantime, the fans can occupy their minds by the brand new “Grimm” Season 6, which came out on January 6. We will keep you updated on the next season while you’re enjoying the latest episodes of your favorite show.