Top 5 Growing Segment in Print Industry 2024

The print industry has seen some major shifts in recent years. Digitalization has redefined the print industry and since then there has been no stopping or turning back in it. The transformation is happening and it is worth as the traditional printing methods have now got some life.

The growth graph of the print industry has sky-rocketed ever since the latest technologies and digitalization entered the print sector. As per the research, the Global Digital Printing Market which was valued at USD 11.68 billion in 2016, is forecasted to reach USD 38.03 billion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 14.02% from 2017 to 2025.

Digital printing has not only bought growth in terms of the turnover but, it has also bought a huge relief in terms of exhausting methods of traditional printing – which required press plates and setup sheets, then there is time, cost and resource savings – as it provides faster turnaround times at a lower cost than the offset printing. In addition to that, the digital prints which are obtained using digital or electronic files from a personal computer or another digital storage device as a source and then printed directly onto the material of your choice (paper, photo paper, canvas, fabric, synthetics, cardstock, and other substrates), has better quality, no distortion of images, design flexibility, personalization and variable data, and customization which is raising the bar of the print sector in the market overall.

With the changing year, new innovations in the print sector too are emerging among which there are five such segments that are growing exponentially in the print industry 2024, adapting which, can bring about a complete revolution in business. They are as follows:

1. Digital Fabric Printing


Digital textile printing is one trending printing technique which involves the use of inkjet printing technology to print designs onto the garments directly which is also called DTG (Direct to Garment) printing. We also recommend looking into DTF printing, the latest alternative to DTG printing with a lower investment cost and no pretreatment process. DTF ink and supply can easily be found online by reputable retailers such as AA Print Supply Co.

Be it a digital print with graphic designs, scanned photographs or any existing artwork, with the help of a custom fabric design web-to-print software, you can now customize and personalize any design and get it printed on any type of fabric easily which has triggered the trend of printed fabrics like never before. From printed t-shirts, pillow covers, curtains, bags, digital textile printing is today everywhere since it is durable, attractive, and can be personalized as one wants.

2. Custom Packaging

The boring, plain cardboard boxes that were used in packaging has been replaced with digitally printed ones due to the trend of custom packaging. Thanks to the discovery of packaging design software, product packaging is getting a makeover with printed packaging that reflects the values represented by the brand and the product, creating a fantastic first impression on customers as well as making it convenient for them to purchase, carry and use it.

3. Photo Book Printing

Another segment that is making headlines is the photo book printing. Photos which are always close to one’s heart can now be printed and saved in a digital manner with the help of online photo album maker. Due to the invention of a complete web-to-print photo album design software, the entire process from designing to ordering and even printing personalized photo albums has become automated and easily accessible to customers which are loved and enjoyed by all.

4. Label Design Printing

Product labels, photo labels, barcode labels, packaging labels, mailing labels, asset labels, there are various types of labels which are in demand every time due to the constant production of various products. But, with the release of online label design tool, labels can now be personalized and printed in different sizes, shapes, printing materials, and several other attributes which have given rise to the online printing stores offering personalized labels remarkably.

5. Commercial Printing

The need for brochures, business cards, banners, signboards, stickers, and whatnot, all of these commercial requirements are always there in the market. With the software for each now available in the market the commercial printing sector is multiplying at a good rate.

One roof for all

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Conclusion from Design’N’Buy, A leading web-to-print company:

Digital printing is taking over which is a nice thing as it bringing a great reduction in operational costs, print waste which puts the environment in danger, and the unnecessary time spent in gathering resources. Due to the web-to-print software of Design’N’Buy (, the growth of the print industry is bound to happen more and is worth watching as well.