GTA 5 Online Biker DLC Update

Rockstar Games has prepared another surprise for all GTA 5 fans. The publisher has recently added new content to the famous franchise – GTA 5 Online Biker DLC, which will probably be available next week. A new vehicle, Youga Classic, inspired by real Ford Econoline line of vans and trucks, will be released on November 22. Besides this, it has also been speculated that Biker DLC part 2 is already being planned.

The follow-up to this upgrade is said to be delivered probably in December, including the usual holiday gear. It has also been reported that it will include the content that has been mentioned by Rockstar earlier, but for which they haven’t made any official announcements yet (a new car selling feature). The second part is also rumored to be introduced together with Kill Quota Adversary Mode, but, once again, we still need to wait for this information to be confirmed.

Some time ago, Rockstar was said to be planning to pull the plug on GTA 5 in spring 2017, but we can see from the online source claiming this that such an assumption is based probably on rumors. Here is the statement: “As always, that’s just what I heard, it doesn’t mean it’s all spot on or correct, and as I said above, Rockstar love changing their minds, but I thought it would be interesting to share.” At the moment, however, that seems like a highly unlikely scenario, since, as we can see, the game developer has decided to deliver the new installment instead. Furthermore, the new content will be available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

All in all, we never know what future has in store, so the speculations about Rockstar giving up on GTA may or may not prove to be right, but until then, you can enjoy trying out the new GTA 5 Online Biker DLC.