GTA 6 May Arrive In 2024


Rockstar Games has been launching one successful game after another, and these games immediately turned out to be classics. There are some rumors that Rockstar Games is working on the new Grand Theft Auto 6, but it will not arrive soon.

The speculations about GTA 6 are emerging from all sides, and even though it is still early, there is already too much talk about this game. However, all we have are predictions, and Rockstar has kept everything secret, which means that there is not a single official detail about the upcoming game. We don’t even know whether GTA 6 is going to be produced, but the fact is that this game is Rockstar’s most valuable asset. We are waiting for the official release date, and hopefully, the developer will reveal something soon.

Some believed that GTA 6 was supposed to arrive in 2016, but the secret game that was launched was Red Dead Redemption 2. This was far from disappointing because this is another tremendous franchise the fans were waiting for. However, the E3 2017 passed, and Rockstar did not even mention GTA 6.


A veteran gaming analyst Michael Pachter says that the developer struggles with making its AAA titles within the schedule. There is even a possibility that GTA 6 gets postponed until 2024, which would create the longest, 10-year gap between the release of a sequel and previous title GTA 5.

Pachter actually has a point because the franchise is still doing well with aging GTA 5, but there is also Grand Theft Auto Online, which hosts so many players. There are so many reasons for Rockstar to launch GTA 6 as soon as possible, however, there are also reasons for them to wait. You can see that GTA online community is just fine based on the activities on Reddit and there are millions of players who access the title on a daily basis.

If you are waiting for GTA 6 eagerly, you might want to equip yourself with patience because the game is probably not coming out in this decade.