GTA 6: The Release Date, News & Updates


Grand Theft Auto 5 has achieved enormous success, and for that, there is no reason why Rockstar Games would not release the next sequel of the popular game. Even though the famous video game publisher is said to be working on some new projects at the moment, such as Redemption 2, they are still providing us with the GTA 5 updates, which obviously still makes it their prime focus.

Release Date

The next installment will be introduced around the same time as Sony and Microsoft release their gaming consoles. This will enable GTA players to try out some new features. One of the novelties that GTA 6 will most likely bring is the Virtual Reality, and that will make it one of the rare titles that have this amazing feature. The release date of the game is said to be sometime between 2018 and 2024, as the producers will be waiting on Sony and Microsoft “to make the first move.”

Another new feature that could be incorporated in the next sequel refers to the mapping. Namely, so far the GTA maps have represented the reflection of the locations in the USA. Some of them look exactly like some cities in the USA. However, the game producers are toying with the idea of going beyond the borders and perhaps using Tokyo or London as an inspiration for the next maps.

Finally, one more thing which will most likely thrill the fans: GTA 6 will be given a female protagonist. And that is not all, the female character will be given the voice by no more no less but the Hollywood star Eva Mendes herself. Since this has not been the case with the first five installments, we’ll see how the audience’ reactions will be like.