Gynaecologist: When to Visit One and What to Expect

If you identify yourself as female, you need to visit a gynecologist regularly. The visits will be important in helping you detect abnormal changes in your reproductive system and take the necessary actions on time when it is easy to remediate most issues.

Who is called a Gynaecologist?

If your general practitioner recommends that you visit a gynecologist, Singapore is an ideal place to find a female health expert.

A gynecologist is a doctor with a speciality on women’s reproductive health. They help with a wide range of issues which may include fertility issues, obstetrics, pregnancy and childbirth, hormonal disorders, and STIs, among others.

When Should I See a Gynaecologist?

On the baseline, you should see a gynaecologist each year for screening. It is also recommendable that you see your gynaecologist clinic in Singapore if you notice abnormal bleeding from your uterus, and if you’re concerned about other symptoms like vaginal pain and vulvar discomfort etc.

A gynaecologist in Singapore can help you manage;

  • Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)
  • Pregnancy-related tumours and cancers of the breasts as well as the reproductive tract.
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome
  • Family planning issues. Importantly, they will help you choose or use options which may apply to you like pregnancy termination, contraception, and sterilization, among others.
  • Premalignant conditions. These may include cervical dysplasia and endometrial hyperplasia.
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Faecal and urinary incontinence, where you’re unable to control the movement of your urine or faecal matter.
  • Congenital abnormalities that affect the female reproductive system and
  • Endometriosis, among others.

When Should a Girl go the Gynaecologist for the First Time?

It is important to note that an experienced gynaecologist in Singapore can treat most conditions affecting a female at any age. On the baseline, it is recommendable that all females start their annual visits to a certified gynaecologist from age 13 to 15.

Beginning the visits early will be crucial in helping a young girl build a rapport with the doctor early. This will make it easy for the girl to ask and open up about issues affecting her sexuality and menstruation etc.

Importantly, it also makes it easy for the gynaecologist to counsel the female on important lifestyle and health issues. A girl may also need to begin seeing a gynaecologist early in life if;

  • They experience delayed puberty, for example not noticing breast tissue changes before reaching age 14 or facing delayed menarche where they fail to notice menstrual cycles before age 16.
  • They experience severely painful menstrual cycles, forcing them to miss important activities or even school due to these symptoms.
  • They find it difficult wearing tampons and
  • They have any other sexual and reproductive health concerns.

What Happens at a Gynaecologist Appointment?

It is normal to get nervous on your first gynaecologist appointment. Nonetheless, you’ll quickly get used to the experience after the initial visit. Note that the activities or procedures that will take place in the clinic will depend on your situation.

To start out, a gynaecology visit is just like any other doctor visit. Definitely, you’ll have an interview with the doctor where he will ask questions about your sexual health and most importantly, medical history. Therefore, it would be better if you can account for your lifestyle and health concerns and be as honest as possible.

Here is what you can expect when you visit your gynaecologist in Singapore:
  • A gynaecological examination. This may include a physical exam where the doctor may; examine your urine sample, perform both external and internal pelvic exam, examine your breasts or do a pap smear test. If you have pelvic pain or irregular bleeding, the doctor may perform a pelvic exam. Otherwise, these routine exams are not necessary till the age of 21. If you’ve never had sex even over the age of 21, then a pelvic exam is not required.
  • If you’re going for an annual screening at the facility, you should expect a physical examination which may include a measurement of your body mass index (BMI), a breast exam and an assessment of your general health amongst other things. Breast exams are recommended yearly for those over the age of 21.
  • You may also get vaccines depending on your age and other risk factors. A common vaccination to get among young women is the HPV vaccination, which protects against most high risk HPV diseases. A breast and pelvic examination may also be necessary, depending on your age and risk factors.
  • The doctors may also recommend other activities like monitoring of your blood pressure, and colonoscopy. These will also depend on your health concerns and age.
  • Birth control options. If you have fluctuating hormones, your doctor may recommend that you start birth control pills to regulate your hormones. Of course, if you want to explore other birth control options to prevent unplanned pregnancies, this is where your gynaecologist will present the best possible solution that matches your needs and health.

When preparing for the gynaecologist appointment in Singapore, it is important that;

  • You avoid sexual intercourse, preferably for two days before visiting the clinic. You will also need to avoid using vaginal douches or inserting tampons in your vagina.
  • You don’t worry about shaving. They usually don’t have any bearing on the exams.
  • You postpone the visit if you’re on your periods, as the presence of the red cells may affect the samples taken for whatever tests. Now, postponing a gynaecological visit if you’re on your period may be necessary, but if you have symptoms that should get urgent attention, you shouldn’t postpone the visit.
  • You don’t worry about bodily odour. This is normal. If your doctor suspects that the bodily odour is indicative of an underlying problem, they will guide you appropriately.

Final Word

The only sure way to know that you’re healthy is by getting an assurance from a certified medical health expert. If you’re worried about your daughter’s sexual or reproductive health or you’re a female adult who is yet to begin the routine gynecologist or worried about your sexual or reproductive health, contact us today to book your appointment.

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