Hajime no Ippo Season 4: The Law of the Ring


Japanese boxing manga series Hajime no Ippo has had a pretty successful Season 3. Its fans are now eager to see what awaits their favorite character Makunochi Ippo in future.

Although not very long, the last season was very exciting. Mamoru Takamura fulfilled what he promised to Coach Kamogawa which means that he took one more World Title belt upon winning the WBC Middleweight Championship title.

Takamura had to face not such an easy task since his opponent was very troublesome. At times it seemed that he would give in, but he justified the expectations of his fans and showed that beyond any doubt he is the best boxer.

It is not only boxing that demonstrates how great he is. He actually let the coach have the two World Championship belts, which made the whole scene even more emotional.

Makunouchi Ippo, on the other hand, was not that prominent in Season 3, which means that Season 4 will probably bring something interesting.


The long awaited fight between Makunouchi Ippo and Miyata should be on the horizon sometime soon. The main character has also been suffering from some inner restlessness as he was trying to find answers to why he was fighting in the first place and what strength really was. He has been fighting against many other fighters, including Japan Champion, Date, but he was not able to reach the depth of these fights the whole time, which is left for Season 4 to resolve.

What’s Season 4 For the Rest of Kamogawa?

What also lies ahead is a fight between Mashiba and Sawamura. The Season 4 will also be following Itagaki, Marunouchi Ippo’s junior.

All in all, each fighter will be showing a great desire to win in the next Season, which promises a great fun. So, stay tuned!