Halo Wars 2 Release Date & News


Creative Assembly and 343 Industries will soon jointly deliver the new real-time strategy (RTS) video game titled “Halo Wars 2”, which will be significantly improved compared to the original. The sequel to “Halo Wars” (first released in 2009) is set in the year 2559. Its development started two years ago, but it was not announced until 2015.

According to Dan Ayoub, Studio Head at 343 Industries, and David Nicholson, the executive producer of Creative Assembly, the upcoming game’s competitive components are particularly interesting to talk about.


Namely, the most important thing to note is that the newly developed “Halo Wars 2” will be an eSport game, for the developers expected that the gamers would demand that form of competition anyway at some point. Nicholson said that he believed that way they added a “different level of professionalism” to the project.

Furthermore, the game will be available in the new blitz mode, and here’s what Ayoub had to say about that: “A deathmatch mode can last easily two hours, and that can be a little tricky from a viewing perspective, whereas we’ve seen Blitz matches end in as little as four minutes, which kind of lets you do a few interesting things.” This mode combines the elements of a digital card game (e.g. “Hearthstone”) and MOBA-type RTS gameplay. Nicholson also had something to add to the subject: “We worked really hard to look at not making an eSports game, but what makes a game good for eSports. We’ve built a lot of that certainly into Blitz and it’s bleeding into all of the modes, as well.”

Halo Wars 2 Release Date

The “Halo Wars 2” release date has been set for February 21, 2017, and it has been said that it will be available on both Windows 10 PC and Xbox One.