Have Hardys Signed With Ring Of Honor?

source; wwe.com

There is a lot of talks these days about Hardy boys maybe returning to the WWE. They are not going to sign their new deals with TNA wrestling as they feel disrespected by the offer that they got from that company. They will not be back with TNA, but will they be back in the WWE. Have they actually signed new deals with Ring Of Honor?

Well, they won the Ring of Honor tag team championships just a couple of days ago as they beat the Young Bucks for the gold. With that win, they continued their expedition of gold, and they are now the tag champs for ROH. But, have they actually signed the deals like Broken Matt Hardy says that they did?

Source; wrestlingnewsworld.com

Even though he stated that, it seems that it’s just him being in his character. There are no reports that Hardys signed the deal with ROH and they are still very likely to show up on the WWE television as soon as after Wrestlemania 33 in Orlando. They will be defending their ROH tag titles against the Bucks of Youth at the Supercard of Honor that ROH is having just a day before the Wrestlemania. It’s going to be a big show, and it is expected that Brother Nero and Broken Matt drop the titles to the Young Bucks.

Hardys are still not accepting any bookings after April, so that is probably the clearest indication that they are not official members of the ROH roster and that they are still very much in play for the WWE.