Hardys and WWE In Real Talks About Coming Back To Company

Source; inquisitr.com

Hardys are one of the most beloved superstars that ever stepped a foot in the WWE ring. Jeff Hardy was even a WWE Champion at one point. His high-flying moves and charisma were something that the fans knew how to appreciate. Matt was always the one in the shadow, but he was still pretty popular as well.

Today, they are not the same Hardy Boys that they once were in the organization, but they are just as popular as ever, if not even more. But now, Matt is the one that is leading the way, and he is the one that is more wanted right now. He is probably doing the best work of his entire career at this moment with his Broken Matt gimmick being one of the fan favorites. Wrestling world loves Broken Matt and Brother Nero Jeff Hardy.

Source; inquisitr.com

Their deal with TNA wrestling is expiring in April. There have been some talks about them remaining in TNA, but contract talks have gone nowhere, and they will probably be leaving the company. They have also noted that they are not accepting any Indy bookings past April, so that might and probably means that they are in the serious talks with WWE about coming back.

Official Twitter page of WWE has also posted some Matt Hardy throwbacks, and the Broken Matt himself has also put some online teasers on this Twitter page. According to multiple respectable sources, it seems that Hardys are negotiating their contracts and are talking to Vince McMahon about the return to the company in a very near future.