Have questions to which you are too embarrassed to ask your doctor?


When it comes to delicate issues that you need to discuss with your doctor, everyone becomes too embarrassed when these questions come up. However, no matter how embarrassing it might seem to you, you should never let that stop you from asking any of these questions. You need to feel free to ask your doctor anything, especially if you think something’s wrong. Not asking can cause you some trouble, so don’t take the risk. And if you find it easier that way, now you can even get answers to these embarrassing questions online, through online doctor chat. Here are some of the most common questions women are too embarrassed to ask.

One of the things that women often wonder is whether it is important to come shaved to the gynecologist appointment. According to midwife Lauren Guehl, that doesn’t matter. “All I want is for women to be clean,” she says. For those women who have had a baby, one of the scariest questions is about what happens to their vagina after that. As Guehl described it, a vagina is like an umbrella, so it can open up larger than its size, but still return to the original size neatly.


Speaking of childbearing, at that age, women also often have some questions about bladder control and urinary tract infections. Namely, after delivering a baby, the pelvic floor stays weak, which is why women feel like they have no bladder control. In this case, a doctor can find a way for you to strengthen the pelvic floor.

Furthermore, yeast infections are also one of the common issues that women fear to discuss. If you’re feeling any kind of irritation or intense itchiness of the vagina and the vulva, you can’t just let it be. Some other symptoms that might indicate yeast infection include a burning sensation, especially during intercourse, vaginal rash, watery vaginal discharge, etc. You need to consult someone professional to check whether a yeast infection is what causes these irritations. If so, you need to find proper treatment to solve this issue.

Finally, we should also mention the pregnancy chart. Doctors online can also be of great help during your pregnancy, so do not hesitate to turn to them if you have any questions or you need assistance in keeping your pregnancy chart. Whatever you want to know about pregnancy and the upcoming due date, they will make it clear and explain everything to the smallest detail.


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