Have We Seen The Last Of Kaepernick In The NFL

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Almost every single notable free agent that was on the market is now signed with a team. Even those running backs that took a while to find a new home are no longer on the market and available for the taking. But, there is still one guy that hasn’t found a new address. In a league where the quarterback position is the most important one and with a lot of squads still in need of a signal caller, ex-Niner Colin Kaepernick can’t find a new team.

There is no doubt that this man can play if you put him in the position to succeed. There are many analysts and even NFL players that believe that Kaepernick is still better than half of the people that are going to start at the quarterback position in the NFL next year. Still, it seems that his skills are not the reason why no team has taken a chance on him.

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He is known for his pre-game kneeling during the national anthem that became a national story last year. The media was all over him, and many franchises believe that he is not worth the trouble. If you are causing some kind of distraction, your production needs to surpass the level of problems that you are causing off the field. Right now, teams believe that he is not surpassing that.

We still haven’t seen the last of him as injuries happen, and some team might need to sign him. Or, even if he doesn’t sign this year, there is always a chance for this guy to find a new place next year when all this stuff with the kneeling is far behind him and not a story anymore.