Heads Up for Dwayne Johnson: Mac DeMarco Wants You to See the Shrine He Made for You

In case you needed some more evidence that the present actor, an ex wrestler and hopefully president material Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is loved by everyone, we’re here to give it to you. A well known fan of wrestling Mac DeMarco talked about how much he loves the Rock in one of his latest episodes of “Start Making Sense” on the Beats 1 radio. He began the story by thinking out loud what would be like to hug Johnson, as “he’s so big”, you know. Afterwards, he continued to explain the coffee shrine he dedicated to the Rock:

Source: instagram.com

“I lived in this place in New York where one of roommates is a huge pro-wrestling fan, so I set up this huge coffee station as an homage to Dwayne, and we had a big doll of him there, and we made a T-shirt and I did this Instagram post. And nothing! I didn’t hear anything. And then my girlfriend Kiera wears a Rock shirt one day, and like, posts about it, and he comments on her photo! Comments like “love you babe” or something and I was like “What?””

Let’s hope that the Rock will see this and finally give Mac a word. Fingers crossed!