Here’s Why Having a Healthy Home May Begin in Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are busy places in one’s home. If you have a large family or like to entertain, you can have a lot of traffic going in and out of your bathroom on any given day. Consider that the average person spends approximately 813.3 days in the restroom – which is the equivalent of over two years of one’s life! Daily, both men and women spend over a half hour grooming in the bathroom, doing many things, such as self-cleaning and grooming.

Concern about health and safety is also now in the spotlight. Nearly half of Americans still feel that returning to pre-COVID life carries significant or moderate risk. COVID-19 presented a health risk that is unprecedented in this generation. The scars from this ordeal are not likely to subside anytime soon, just as the Great Depression shaped an entire generation. This phenomenon means that health and safety concerns will linger for many years, if not decades. And with bathrooms serving as a significant source of bacteria, it is crucial to address the link between keeping this room clean and keeping your entire home healthy.

Individuals spend much of their time in the bathroom showering, shaving, washing their face and body, and brushing their teeth. These tasks are essential for many people to achieve the stylish look they want. Additionally, bathrooms are commonplace for both men and women to relax and unwind after a long day. And they can be a centre to focus on self-care, which is vital for overall wellness. To feel comfortable relaxing in the bathroom, it needs to be clean – after all, who can relax in a dirty and dingy room?

All of this traffic in the bathroom, combined with the activities happening there, means they can be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. They often contain microbes, germs, and even human waste hiding in unassuming places. Moreover, bathrooms serve as an ideal incubator for microbes to multiply. There is usually plenty of humidity to encourage the growth of mildew and the reproduction of bacteria. These pathogens are found on many bathroom surfaces, including fabrics, grout, caulk, and painted surfaces.

And while many people would assume that towels are one of the only clean things in the bathroom, this assumption is often false. Even slightly used and damp towels can have a tremendously high bacterial load. However, one study has found that bacteria levels can be significantly decreased (by up to 90%) when the towels are dried on a heated towel rack, read more on

Despite this data, there are many solutions that homeowners can use to keep their bathrooms hygienic and free of germs. Several of the best solutions on the market include:

1. Heated Towel Racks:

Heated towel racks in one’s home sound like a luxury reserved for the ultra-rich. However, these bathroom tools may soon be a staple in keeping bathrooms clean and sanitary. Tens of thousands of units of bacteria can be found on many bathroom surfaces. Heated towel racks dry your towels and reduce their bacterial loads substantially, even after only 24 hours. Further, they can lower bacteria levels more than washing alone. This technology is a highly effective way to combat germs in the home. And as a bonus, you will always have warm towels to wrap yourself in after a relaxing bath or shower. It is one investment you won’t regret.

2. Upgraded Bathroom Technologies:

Technology can significantly enhance these functions with minimal effort when considering health and wellness upgrades for one’s bathroom. Many new smart technologies also enhance wellness and the sanitary nature of the space. Adding things like air purifiers and smart toilets can reduce the number of germs in your home and improve overall health. These technologies can remove bacteria and allergens to keep you and your family healthy. And best of all, they do this automatically in many instances, which means you don’t have to worry as much about cleaning filthy bathroom spaces.

3. Organisational and Storage Features:

Let’s face it; bathrooms can get dirty quickly. And one of the reasons for this is that they are often one of the smaller rooms in the home, and they often have to hold a ton of grooming tools and accessories. When using beauty and wellness tools frequently, it is easy to become disorganised if you are in a hurry. Additionally, it is also easy to throw wet towels, robes, and dirty laundry in the bathroom corner. But leaving your bathroom in this state results in many small areas that can be a breeding ground for additional germs and microbes. Adding features like robe hooks and extra shelving can greatly increase your bathroom’s ability to keep clean and organised.

4. Touchless Hand Soap Dispensers and Faucets:

While touchless soap dispensers have been popular in commercial and high-traffic spaces for years, we see growing interest in adding these to residential structures. They are a great addition to minimise the potential for guests to contract any illness, including COVID, while socialising in another person’s home. And they are easy to install. This smart technology is one of the simplest ways to incorporate tech solutions that make socialising in a post-COVID world safer for everyone. Additionally, smart faucets are also hygienic and contamination-free. They remove the need to touch the faucet, making them a cleaner alternative. Additionally, these faucets can save up to 15,000 gallons per unit per year – meaning there is a tremendous benefit to the environment.

The morning and evening bathroom routines for both men and women have evolved in recent years, meaning nearly everyone spends more time in the bathroom than they have in the past. For this reason, bathrooms are incredibly busy, and they play a considerable role in self-care and grooming. But keeping them clean and sanitary is a more significant challenge, especially since it is hard to find time to deep clean these rooms.

But keeping these rooms hygienic and sanitary is easier to do with the right tools. Elements like heated towel racks, enhanced technology, easy-to-clean surfaces, and enhanced organisational tools can keep your bathroom cleaner throughout the day and minimise the number of germs and bacteria in your bathroom with minimal effort.