Here Are Two Ways That Dwayne Johnson Copes With Sadness

If you look at Dwayne Johnson’s Instagram and Twitter accounts you will see that he’s a jolly old fellow. He’s always smiling and cracking jokes. That’s the way he is. But he has other moments, just like the rest of us. At times he also feels vulnerable and sad. It’s normal to feel like that, even for a man nicknamed The Rock.

In a most recent interview, with Xilla Valentine, Johnson was promoting his latest movie Rampage, but he also took some time to talk about how he copes with sadness. For him, there are two ways this can be done and according to Johnson, his first choice is working out.

Here’s what Hollywood’s best-paid actor said: “My knee-jerk reaction to sadness is some sort of action. I like to go do something. For me, the going to do something—it sounds boring or cliché, but it is what it is with me—I got to hit the gym, I got to do some sort of physical activity that can let me sweat and let me grind and let me get in. And that way I can not think about the sh*t that makes me sad and, in a way, I can just energetically get it out.”

The second way is a bit more conventional. You would never think that People’s Champ has moments of weakness, but he does. When working out isn’t helping here’s what his other way of coping with sadness is.

“Sometimes, for me, my own form of therapy is, I could stew in the sad a little bit. I’ll put on some music that I know is going to keep the sad train going. I’ve gotta get in it, so I do that!”- said Johnson about the second way he relieves some of the hard feelings.

Same as Johnson all of us feel sad at times. But, Rampage star has a history of depression. For him, it is great that he’s developed coping mechanisms that work.

His latest monster action-adventure is already in theaters, so you should go and check it out, they say it’s quite good.