Here Is Why Chris Jericho Returned To Smackdown Live Two Weeks Ago


The last run that Chris Jericho had with the WWE has been one of his best as he was one of the bright spots in the dark times for Monday Night Raw. Then, he handed off the WWE US Title to Kevin Owens, moved to Smackdown Live and went to tour with his own band and their new album. He moved on from the company one month after Wrestlemania and nobody saw him until June 25th.

He made his return when the company had the show in Richmond, Virginia and was booked in the triple threat match with Kevin Owens and AJ Styles after he interrupted their segment on SD Live. AJ Styles went over in that match, beating the other two. Ever since then, we haven’t seen Jericho in action on the blue brand again. Why is that?


Well, the fact of the matter is that Chris Jericho was in Richmond to film a movie and he was also there to tape a podcast with Fandango and Tyler Breeze. As you know, he has a successful Talk Is Jericho podcast and that was the reason for him being there. The WWE officials talked him into having one match since the WWE had the show at the same venue he was at so he agreed to it, but he doesn’t fit into storylines right now and he is not going to be back before the Summerslam is over.

After that, who knows. It is not a matter of if Jericho is going to make his comeback, but rather when and how are they going to do it. Some think that Jericho will be involved in Owens yet again, but that might now be the case. Right now, we can only have an educated guess, nothing more than that.