Here Is Why Nikki Cross Wasn’t Called Up With SAnitY

Superstar shakeup is always an exciting time of the year as it comes after Wrestlemania and it’s a way for WWE to give us something new, something fresh and something to look forward too. The first week of the shakeup has come and gone, so we are ready for the new feuds and the new programme that the company is going to deliver.

During the shakeup, there are not only stars that are switching brands, but there are also guys that are going to be called up from the NXT brand. They are the new arrivals. Most of them appear on Raw or Smackdown after Wrestlemania. A few of those names include the former tag team champions down in the NXT, the faction – SAnitY.

They made their debuts back in October of 2016 and they had four members. Eric Young was the leader of the group with Alexander Wolfe, Nikki Cross and Sawyer Fulton following his lead. Of course, Fulton was the one that was replaced by none other than Kilian Dain later during their run.

SAnitY was announced for Smackdown Live like many people expected they would. It was the time for them to move to the main roster. Well, not everybody was transferred since Nikki Cross is still going to be down in the NXT. The decision to leave her down in the yellow brand made everybody wonder why isn’t she joining the rest of SAnitY.

According to The Wrestling Observer, there is a good reason why Nikki Cross is staying in the NXT. During this shakeup, three of the top women in the NXT are no longer there. As you know, Ember Moon is now on Monday Night Raw, while Peyton Royce and Billie Kay are going to be appearing on Tuesday Nights.

NXT Women’s division took a big hit because of that, so the company feels that having Nikki still in the developmental brand is going to help that division big time.