7 Ways to Identify High Quality Cannabis Seeds


Although the quality of the seeds is not the only factor that will affect the final product, it is still the first and most important. If you have decided that you want to grow cannabis, there are many things you need to do to get exactly what you want.

But it all starts with choosing seeds. After that will come plant maintenance, watering, light, the right time to harvest buds and more. You will learn all this over time and you will have time to explore. Buy it is important that you know how to choose high-quality ones before buying seeds. If you fail in that task, it is unlikely that you will get a good final product. If you are not sure whether you have quality ones already or you are just planning to buy, then this is the right text for you. We will help you by giving you ways to identify high-quality cannabis seeds.


1. Look

The visual appearance of the seeds is very important and the first of many ways to inspect them before buying and planting. Some things are not easy for an amateur to notice, but we will tell you the most important ones that you should pay attention to. First, it is important that they do not have cracks in themselves. Check the whole seed and be careful not to miss a crack or hole. Then, they should have a thin coating around them, which looks like it is made of wax. Then, it should have firmness. Take it and squeeze it, you should not be able to flatten it. Of course, we are talking about light squeeze, not to use huge force.

2. Color


Although color is also part of visual inspection, we will dedicate a separate paragraph to it, because it is very important and can tell you a lot. It must be dark in color, dark brown or even black. It means that it is a quality and ripe seed and you should buy it. Also, it is good to have stripes on the surface.

If it is light in color, it is a bad sign. It is a sign of an immature seed that is unlikely to germinate or even if it does, it will take too long.

3. Size


When it comes to size inspection, then it is very easy to conclude which ones are the best. The bigger it is, the better the quality. If they are very small, it means that they are immature and poorly developed, which means that you will not get any plant from them, and especially not the one you wanted.

4. Shape

Once you determine the size, then pay attention to the shape. It should be very symmetrical which is very clear indication of good quality, so the more symmetrical the shape, the quality is better. It should be round or it can be slightly uneven in one place, like a teardrop, but it should by no means be asymmetrical. When it is asymmetrical, it means that it is probably an impotent plant. It will certainly not be difficult for you to determine, as the seeds which are large are usually also symmetrical, so this is a clear indication that you should buy that one.

5. Age

It would be good to know the time when the seeds are harvested because after a certain time they start to lose their characteristics. So if they were harvested many months ago, it is possible that the quality has degraded to some extent. The better stored they are, the longer they can last. It is best if it is a freezer, for example, or some other cold and dark place. So some seeds can even be in good shape after many years, but you will not know that before you conduct the float test, about which we will speak a bit later in this article.

6. THC level

Seeds that have a high percentage of THC are mostly what we are all looking for. As you can read at stickyseeds.co.uk today you can buy cannabis seeds with higher levels of THC, due to the in-depth breeding of marijuana plants. THC is the most important cannabinoids because it is the one that causes those effects of marijuana we want. So analyze well what THC level it has in the seeds you buy. Also be realistic about your needs, because the strongest types are not for everyone.

7. Float test


It is the best type of test you can perform to determine quality. It is very simple and all you need is water. Put the seeds in water and keep track of how long it took them to sink. The faster they sink, the more likely they are to germinate quickly and successfully. If someone does not sink, throw it away immediately because that is sign it is in a bad condition. After you finish the float test, immediately put the seeds in the ground, because that is the ideal moment. If you don’t do it right after, it will probably rot as a result of moisture. And we have one more tip for you. It is best to use distilled water for a float test.

Male or female


As you know, there are male and female plants. Although many have tried to find a way to determine sex plants based on seeds, they have failed. That is why it is important to buy from respectable sellers whom you can trust to be a feminized plant. In any other case, until the plant grows, you will not know if it is male or female. And it is very important to determine as soon as possible which one is male and remove it before it can pollinate the others. Preflowers are the first indicator on the basis of which you can determine and the best results will be if you then remove the male plant. If you fail to do that, then you can see by size, because male ones are always bigger. But then it may be too late.


If you are starting to grow marijuana, it is very important that you pay attention to everything we have written in the text and thus determine whether it is a quality one. Otherwise, all your efforts will be in vain, because 99% of bad seeds will not grow a good plant.