HighSchool DxD Season 4 Release Date: Does the new season bring time-traveling?

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What was said to be the final Season of “HighSchool DxD” now only seems to be a springboard for its Season 4. Due to a great interest of its audience, the series is on the verge of a new phase of living.

“HighSchool DxD” is very famous anime series which became highly popular mostly because of its originality. The fans of the show shared their opinions regarding the storyline that could be changed a lot in “High School DxD” Season 4. Great expectations are built up around the next sequel.

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The storyline revolves around Issei Hyodo, who is a distorted student which happens to be killed by his date, but he was revived actually as the fallen angel. Rias Gremory becomes his superior because she was the one that revived him. During the course of time, he becomes the center of a battle between devils, fallen angels, and angels.

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Source: unisci24.com

HighSchool DxD Season 4 Rumors

The Season 4 is predicated on bringing many interesting novelties, and we could see many forum members speculating on what this season will bring. One user signed as Lolimancer, suggests Isseie’s will set his face against go against Loki (Takayuki Kondo). It is also said that in the next installment of the series, Issei’s kids will appear. Not only will heavenly phenomena be included, but the series will also be dealing with the time traveling because his kids will be coming from his future. Issei’s future kids will also have super powers, and that will actually be his daughters: Ex Gremory, Kurenai Himejima, Zen Quarta, Shirayuki, Kurobara, Airi Hyoudou, Shin Shidou, Robertina Hyoudou, Helmwige and Ernestine Galnstein. So, it seems like the series will maintain its status of originality and continue to amaze its audience.

episode air date title
S03E12 2015-06-20 All the Time, Eternally!
S03E11 2015-06-13 I Will Fight!
S03E10 2015-06-06 Occult Research Club Vanishes!?
S03E09 2015-05-30 Dragon of Dragon!
S03E08 2015-05-23 I’ll Rescue Asia!
S03E07 2015-05-16 Night Before the Battle!
S03E06 2015-05-09 Second Semester, Starts!
S03E05 2015-05-02 Last Day of the Summer Vacation!
S03E04 2015-04-25 Interception, Commence!
S03E03 2015-04-18 Cat and Dragon!
S03E02 2015-04-11 Young Devils Gather!
S03E01 2015-04-04 Summer Break! Off to the Underworld!
S02E12 2013-09-22 Two Heavenly Dragon, Collide!
S02E11 2013-09-15 The Leaders’ Summit Begins!
S02E10 2013-09-08 Various Three-way Deadlocks!
S02E09 2013-09-01 I Got a Junior!
S02E08 2013-08-25 The Class Observation Begins!
S02E07 2013-08-18 Summer! Bathing Suits! I’m in Trouble!
S02E06 2013-08-11 Go, Occult Research Club!
S02E05 2013-08-04 Decisive Battle at Kuoh Academy!
S02E04 2013-07-28 A Strong Enemy Appeared!
S02E03 2013-07-21 I’ll Destroy the Holy Swords!
S02E02 2013-07-14 The Holy Sword is Here!
S02E01 2013-07-07 Another Disquieting Premonition!
S01E12 2012-03-23 I Came to Carry Out My Promise!
S01E11 2012-03-16 High Praises During the Decisive Battle!
S01E10 2012-03-09 Beginning of the Decisive Battle!
S01E09 2012-03-02 My Training Begins!
S01E08 2012-02-24 I Pick a Fight!
S01E07 2012-02-17 I’ll Get a Familiar!
S01E06 2012-02-10 My Job as a Devil!
S01E05 2012-02-03 I’m Going to Overthrow my Ex-Girlfriend!
S01E04 2012-01-27 Save My Friend!
S01E03 2012-01-20 I Made A New Friend!
S01E02 2012-01-13 I Stopped Being a Human!
S01E01 2012-01-06 I Got a Girlfriend!