Hints That Nakamura Will Be Soon On The Main Roster

Source; wrestlingnews.com

When it comes to all the big stars down in NXT, even though the fans enjoy watching them at the Takeover shows, they are always wondering when they will make that jump to the main roster and join either Smackdown Live or Monday Night Raw roster. The latest NXT star to jump over was Samoa Joe as he is now a member of the Raw roster. His former rival Shinsuke Nakamura might be the next one to join.

There are new posters for the NXT show that is scheduled to happen in June. Bobby Roode, Tye Dillinger, and Asuka are among the stars that are represented on that poster. They are, along with Nakamura, the main attractions of this brand. But, Nakamura is not on that poster.

Source; wennermedia.com

As we said, he is one of the biggest stars that NXT has, and they would for sure put him on the poster if he was on the show. The fact that he is not on it tells us that he just might make his main roster debut after Wrestlemania 33. There is a good chance that he was scheduled and planned for Monday Night Raw, but now with Samoa Joe there, the company might decide that it is better for him to be on the blue brand.

Smackdown Live could for sure use some more big names as the main event picture could get pretty stale. They avoided by putting Bray Wyatt in that position as he is the new guy on the main event scene, but they need to keep refreshing it and putting Nakamura there just might do the job.