Hire the Best Electric String Quartet for Any Of Your Events

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Nothing can make an event more impressive, interesting, and memorable than good music performed by professional musicians.

Being one of the greatest and famous string quartets in London, Giardino Strings has performed in thousands of events in their eighteen-year performance. Its musicians have managed to entertain and make any type of event real magic due to their professionalism and high talent.

Among a variety of options that will make your day, it suggests a great electric string quartet that will fully cover your needs. For example, Alive Network is available to hire for any type of event: from corporate evenings, as wedding entertainment or private parties.

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The mixture of classic and modern elements and the great combination of different string instruments make the music sound great. The four musicians in the group professionally know each of the details of their musical instrument and combining them, they manage to get the most fantastic music ever. All four musicians have a rich musical background and education, which is directly connected to the quality of music.

Generally, a string quartet includes four types of specific string instruments, including a cello, a viola as well as two violins. The first thing that makes the difference between the electric one is the way they look. Even if you are not a professional musician, you will see and understand the difference from the first view, as it is obvious. However, the design does not play an essential role in the type of music. The most important role is the advantages of electric instruments that matter when it comes to the quality of music. To understand why you need to hire especially this type of string quartet, you need to go deeper into some advantages, which electric instruments suggest.

Why you need it?

Many people think of some of the advantages that it can bring to their special event. However, nothing can make the event more beautiful than the unique and distinctive sounds released from the string instruments of a professional musician. Musicians that offer the highest standards and continue to develop their knowledge are the most essential part of any type of event if you plan it to be great.

Why this type of music?

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While the quartet that plays on traditional music instruments can give a beautiful and distinctive performance, electric instruments provide the musicians with broader opportunities. Since the instruments are electric, it allows the musicians to amplify more sounds, which broadens the genres that are possible to play on the musical instruments. Hence, if you want to include different genres of music in your event, it will be the ideal option for you. Besides playing classical music, you will get the chance to enjoy pop and jazz music and the creative mix suggested by the group. Even if there is music that is not included in their repertoire, but it is your favorite one, if you deal with professional musicians, they will surely give you the chance to enjoy it by their beautiful approach.

What is more?

Image source: giardinostrings.co.uk

An excellent choice of the musical group will add a touch of harmony and has a high impact on the attendees in terms of emotions and mood. You can create a great atmosphere by your choice, and that is the reason you need to take care of all the details, which can play even a small role in your special occasion. Having good music can mean everything for you and your guests; not only it should have high quality but should correspond to your event and cover the needs of all your guests.