5 Benefits of Hiring a Clergy Abuse Lawyer


If you’re looking to file a clergy abuse claim, then doing it on your own might be a tougher thing to ask.

Since this is a very serious case, you should prioritize hiring a clergy abuse lawyer to get you through the case. Not only are lawyers experts in this field, but they understand the importance and seriousness of the claim.

Thus, failure is not an option and that is best achieved with an expert. But to give you a better overview of what a clergy abuse lawyer can do for you, we’re going to look at the 5 benefits.

With all that said, let’s start.

1. Help With Reporting the Abuse


Clergy abuse isn’t uncommon but can be gut-wrenching for the abused and surrounding family members. The reason why this is the case is that there are usually children involved. Children are most of the victims of clergy abuse, making each case very serious.

Whenever someone is in the shoes of one of the abused, it can be frightening to report it to the proper authorities. By hiring a lawyer that will fight for you, you will take the first steps in reporting the abuse.

It is said that this first step is the most painful in these cases since victims tend to express feelings of despair, guilt, and anger. And these are the main reasons why many choose not to report it to the authorities.

But the last thing you’d want to do is leave the abuser to harm someone else by not taking the proper actions. Don’t make the obvious mistake and hire a lawyer that will start the process for you.

2. They Will Help Tell Your Story

Abuse of any kind shouldn’t go unpunished; more so when there are children involved. And when it comes to children, it can be pretty difficult to get them to speak.

Children are taught to trust the priests in your local Catholic Church. And they will oftentimes be lied to by the same people they’re taught to trust.

So when their trust shutters, it can be difficult to distinguish right from wrong. And there is a very important thing in all this called a statute of limitations.

What this means is that every clergy abuse claim has a legal time when the victim has to file a lawsuit. If you wait too long or hesitate for too long, you will miss the timeframe and your case will most likely get rejected.

If this happens, not even a lawyer can sometimes help you. Although specific jurisdictions have different rules and timeframes regarding the statute of limitations, you’re not supposed to wait too long.

In recent times, the statute of limitations has been moved and changed in order for more victims to come up and report the crime.

And since this is a very serious topic, most victims wait and bite their time before reporting the crime out of fear.

A clergy abuse lawyer, such as the experts at this website, will do everything they can to get your case moving and file a lawsuit as soon as possible.

3. Full Assistance


Lawyers exist to offer legal counseling. Since not everyone is an expert in the eyes of the law, what better way to make sure you win your clergy abuse claim than by getting the much-needed assistance?

The legal system has many loopholes that can be exploited by those that know their way around it. And make no mistake about it; the Catholic Church has the best lawyers on a retainer to deal with such claims.

Thus going on your own is not only meaningless, but it can also be quite dangerous. Without a lawyer by your side, chances are your case might not even get processed. But if you hire a professional that knows exactly what to do, the chance of failure is very slim.


4. Help You Win Big

It might sound silly but winning is everything in these cases. Not only does winning a clergy abuse case entitle you to monetary compensation, but it will also get the abused behind bars.

That way they won’t harm another soul for a very long time. And that is what makes everyone the winner. But speaking about monetary compensation, it might sound silly to think of money when one of your family members has gone through hell.

Monetary compensation exists so that the victim can somehow pay back the damages they’ve done to the victim. While clergy abuse can cause serious mental issues to the victim, monetary compensation can come in handy.

By having a lawyer by your side, do know that you will be paid out what is due. They will work on your case and fight for what you’re owed. And make no mistake about it, clergy abuse settlements can be very, very high.

5. Help You Understand Your Rights

Every person has their right to protect them in the eyes of the law. And do know that every US child has its own rights that protect them from abuse. The Catholic Church has been abusing children for decades. Even Pope Francis himself admitted to that. Children and nuns in Catholic Churches have suffered for decades.

But they’re not alone in this fight as the law protects everyone against abuse. A clergy abuse lawyer will help you understand what your rights are and what way you’re protected.

They will explain how the process goes, what to do in what step, and help you win your case. They will also help you win big compensation and help put the abused behind bars.

It doesn’t matter what type of abuse you have suffered, do know that a lawyer will help you expose it.



Clergy abuse isn’t anything new in the United States. The Catholic Church has lost billions in the past decades due to paying settlements. Not only that, but the Catholic Church has also found ways to protect its assets from paying out settlements. With a strong legal team to protect it, going solo isn’t an option when exposing clergy abuse. Thus, make the right decision and hire a lawyer to guide you and help you win.