Consumer Tips for Hiring a Locksmith

An accident can happen quickly especially when we are not focused and at some point in our lives, we require the services of a locksmith to help us get back into our homes, cars or businesses. Keys break in locks, get misplaced and get stolen almost every day and when these incidents occur, we need a reliable source to call to help us get our lives back on track. The most terrifying thing about these situations is the fact that you will need to entrust a stranger with some of your most valuable possessions once they have come to your home or business to assist you with being locked out. Desperate situations can leave us all feeling panicked and that can lead to hasty decisions that are made to get on with our daily lives. Even in those situations, you would still need to be able to rely on the company that you call to assist especially if it’s something that needs to be done in the middle of the night. That is why ADP Locksmith in Blackpool offers friendly reliable services, 24hr hours a day.

Here is a look at some of the things that you would need to consider when you need to call a locksmith:


The very first thing you need to look at when hiring a locksmith is their credentials. You need to take into account the existence of the business and how long they may have been trading. If it is a recommendation, you should ask about specific staff members who someone has already worked with to follow a reliability pattern and make sure that you are dealing with a responsible individual who is known for being both trustworthy and reliable. Most locksmith companies have websites or Google review pages where you can take a look at their ratings for extra security. Check for working permits as well as business registration so that you do not use someone who will disappear once the work is done, leaving you with an inferior service or product. Proficiency is more important than just hiring the neighbourhood locksmith so check that they have been affiliated to any associations and that the business that they are operating is not the first business that they are working in since qualifying as a locksmith. Good recommendations do not always equal experience.

Quotes and pricing

The last thing you want when you need to call a locksmith is to receive a surprising bill that leaves you with an amount that you did not budget for or cannot cover after the work has already been completed. To get the best value for money without surprises you will need to be as descriptive as possible while requesting a quote. Explain in as much detail the issue at hand and if anything needs to be replaced in full. Sometimes locks cannot be opened with anything other than their key and will need to be removed completely. A new locking mechanism will need to be issued and if you do not enquire about this before the locksmith arrives, you also face the possibility of them arriving with the wrong mechanism. Ask the dispatcher if they are charging per hour, which most locksmiths do or you could face a large bill based on the locksmiths’ need to find what you need after he has already started assisting you. Check the rate per hour, the call-out fee, the cost of opening the lock and the price of a new locking mechanism. Once you have received an estimation. Ask for the relevant paperwork so that you have something to produce if anything happens to the new lock or old lock once someone has worked on it. Check if they have guarantees on the mechanisms and on the work that they completed and if they follow consumer laws as a business. Individual locksmiths who freelance don’t necessarily offer all these laws so try and stick to a reputable service provider even if the cost is slightly higher.


As with all places of employment, insurance plays an intricate part in the company you choose to hire for the task. Unlocking doors, realignments, installing security alarms and burglary prevention is all jobs that can incur injury or that can lead to property damage. Locksmiths companies make it easier for you to hire a locksmith with confidence because they have the insurance to cover the costs of legal bills, on the job injury, theft of their equipment or your property and work vehicle breakdowns. If you as a customer are injured in any way while a locksmith is busy assisting you with any of the above-mentioned jobs, you can legally settle the matter with their insurer. In the same way, if a locksmith injures himself, he cannot hold you liable for the cost of his medical bills. The paperwork that they give you before they start the job or the quote given to you by the dispatcher should clearly state that there is insurance coverage for the call-out so that you have complete peace of mind when you hire their services.

They provide you with all the above and more. They are a certified company that offers wide area coverage with online quotes and a variety of essential services. Not all locksmiths give you the option of realigning your door hinges or offering burglary prevention at a full scale and with insurance for on-the-job coverage. They provide you with these services at affordable rates with experienced locksmiths. Speed and efficiency are essential for emergencies and what better way to get the job done than with a company that not only offers you a locksmith service but also covers a wide range of areas 24 hours a day.

Remember to always have a locksmith on hand in your phone book for minor or major emergencies. It will not only save you time, but it can also save you money.