Houston Texans vs. New Orleans Saints – Preseason Week 3 Predictions

The Houston Texans moved up in the draft in order to get DeShaun Watson. But, it seems that he is going to have to earn his spot in the starting lineup in years to come as Bill O’Brien has named Tom Savage his starting quarterback in the upcoming season. He is probably going to take the field against the Saints, at least in the fourth quarter, but we expect that DeShaun Watson is going to get most of the minutes in the last two games.

That is how it should be. He is the future of the team, but also, this guy needs to prepare for a situation when he potentially steps on the field in the regular season if Savage doesn’t perform at the high level or if he gets injured. It is not like he is backing up Brady. Watson is backing up a guy that was a backup himself just a couple of months ago. He should be ready to go if and when his number is called.

Source: www.nfl.com

New Orleans again doesn’t look like a great team. The defense got better, the offense is the same, maybe has taken a small hit with Cooks going to the Patriots, but Saints to have some weapons. It seems that they are improving, but it is another year of Drew Brees’ career that is not going to be used the right way.

The Texans and Savage have looked good in the first two weeks in the Preseason. Last week, they were victorious against the Patriots. This week, they are going to beat the New Orleans Saints in Big Easy. Savage and Watson will lead their team to 27:20 win.