How Aging Affects Your Skin

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Our skin is bound to change with age. Almost everything will affect it in some way. The weather, diet, exercise, lifestyle, sleep patterns and genetics. With every passing year, our skin becomes saggier and isn’t as smooth as before. It will be easier for your skin to get drier, bruises will form more quickly and it will be more fragile.

The changes that happen under the skin affect it as well.  According to this reference when you lose fat underneath the skin’s surface around your chin, temples, cheeks, eyes, and nose, it may make your skin looser and make your face look leaner. If it happens that bone structure changes, the skin might pucker, or your nose shape might change.

Expressions that we make every day will give you lines on your face over time. For example, you might get horizontal lines on your forehead area from frowning and lines around your mouth and on the sides of your eyes from laughing and smiling.

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Gravity also plays a big role in the appearance of our skin. With the natural loss of elasticity everything gets affected by gravity, and our eyelids and eyebrows will droop, we get looseness and fullness around our cheeks and jaw or in other words we get a double chin, it also might make our earlobes longer and droopy.

Gravity might be something we can’t help, but there are things we can influence in order to keep our skin looking its best as long as possible. And that is sun damage and sleep.

When it comes to the sun if you expose your skin to it too much over time it will damage elastin fibers which will cause the skin to become saggy and lose the ability to go back to its initial state. The problem with tanning is that the effects don’t show immediately but through the years it will, especially once you are over 30. So if you still insist in sun tanning make sure that you cover yourself with SPF, try to stay out of the sun between 10 am and 2 pm due to sunlight being the most dangerous during those times and wear clothes and hats to protect yourself.

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Smoking is the second thing that has a major effect on our skin. According to research, those people have more wrinkles than people who don’t smoke and are of the same age and skin history.

Sleeping positions, as well as your sleeping schedule, affect your skin. You can get skin creases, and those will be seen on your skin long term if you often wake up with the crinkled skin after a nap or a long night of sleep. Also if you don’t have a good sleep schedule and don’t sleep enough, it can lead to your skin aging more quickly, get drier and be prone to acne.