How Invisalign Work – 2024 guide

Anybody who needs braces has always wondered if there is another option to choose from. Clear aligners are extensively used by people who do not want a drastic change in their appearance. They work almost as well as braces and are used for relaxing and straightening the teeth.

Invisalign is the most popular product which has been in the market since 1998. Clear aligners are almost synonymous with Invisalign because of its popularity. In this article we will look at the effectiveness of this product along with the many advantages and drawbacks.

What is Invisalign?

In dental treatment, Invisalign is the name of a very thin clear alignment equipment made of thermoplastic material. It is a brand which is making the transition of realignment easier for everyone and less apparent than braces. Of course it is somewhat different than your natural teeth but it helps in making dental treatment less conspicuous especially since it will be staying on for months or years.

They will of course not be completely invisible because they are fit over the teeth. However one can opt for the thinner version and reduce some of the notice ability which is unavoidable with braces and brackets. Consult bartondental for more information.

What does Invisalign Do?

Sincere specifically talking about miss alignment the main issues are related to spacing of individual teeth and crowding. Some bite issues can also be corrected without kneading extensive procedures. If we go by the website of Invisalign we can say that it cleans to correct the following dental problems:

  • Gaps in teeth
  • Crowding
  • Overbite, crossbite and underbite
  • Open bite issues

While all of these issues can be treated to some extent with this product, there has been research about its effectiveness which needs to be considered. Some studies showed that Invisalign was more effective for a range of issues than others. However, the issues mentioned on the website will all see a certain level of improvement by using the product. One should not opt for clear aligners if the bite problems are not mild or moderate. Severe issues are better treated with braces and other methods.

Does it Work?

To find the effectiveness of this product, one needs to go beyond the subjective experience of friends and family. If one tries to find scientific research and studies pertaining to its effectiveness, they will not have a lot of proof. There is very limited research about how effective it can be.

For instance, in 2015, a review of 11 different research studies was done. After looking at different studies one could see that the effectiveness was limited to a great extent. But even the studies that have been done previously were not very specific in their observation. Many of them have a very small sample size which restricts observation to a particular geographical location.

Additionally, a control group was not considered in some studies which leaves the researchers with fewer points of comparison. The Journal of Orthodontics in 2016 reported a lack of clinical research regarding Invisalign which can mislead people. It is therefore important to know the level of effectiveness before opting for this particular product. But it does not mean that everything is bad about this option.

There have been some studies that indicate it is better than other clear aligners in the market. Additionally, the manufacturer made certain improvements in the design and the production process after 2010. It improved effectiveness by increasing the force on the teeth to help them align well.

What can Affect Effectiveness?

The effectiveness of Invisalign can be impacted by many daily activities. The user needs to be very careful about when they are using the product in order to not damage it. The ideal duration for wearing it is anywhere between 20 to 23 hours. Wearing the liners for 22 hours is a must if one wants to see a difference over the recommended period of time.

However, one should not wear it every time. When you are eating or drinking on a supposed to use their teeth and not chew over the casing. Proper dental care should not be neglected just because one is treating the misalignment. Regular brushing and flossing is important which can only be done after removing the case.

Another time to remove it will be to clean it which should be done everyday because of proper hygiene concerns. The ideal temperature for the water should be lukewarm and never too hot because it is made of plastic. Hot water can change the shape of the eyeliners which can lead to the teeth being corrected in the wrong way.

Additionally, it will work differently for different people based on their dental issues. Some people might find it very effective to treat their mild overbite. Others might find it ineffective even after using it for a few months and would have to move to other procedures. Severe spacing issues will not be treated with Invisalign because it is not designed for that.

It might not work for every one because ages factor in determining how well the teeth react to an aligner. There has been a study which said that the age of the wearer also impacted the effectiveness of the product. People from the age range of 35 to 50 found it was the most effective for their dental issues.

The tools movement for women in the age range of 50 to 70 did not decrease for females while it did for men. So, the effectiveness will be entirely subjective on your particular dental issues.

The Takeaway

Invisalign really does work for mild and moderate dental issues because it is helpful for anyone who wants less disruption in the physical appearance even as they continue with their dental treatment. The least conspicuous method is clearly thin clear aligners which are far better than braces. Regular use can help mitigate issues but one should keep cleaning it regularly. It is perfect to choose them at the recommendation of dentists.