How Linking News Helps Brands to Get Featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX

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Have you ever thought about what is the best press release distribution service? Linking News, supported by US-China Brand, is surely worth mentioning. With hard work and dedication, this firm created a position for itself on the market. This company distributes press releases of its clients in different media brands, providing them with a wider platform for marketing.

It is important to mention that press release of media websites reserve their pages for news of company announcements and public relations communications. Because of this, it presents a flawless way of making people aware of the work and performance of a particular firm. Linking News uses this to connect companies with different news outlets. And we must say, it does a great job.

A lot of companies of various sizes are satisfied with the connections provided. With top media brands such as NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, and others, they enjoy their partnership. Corporation heads have good words to say about Linking News, and they praise its network in the media world when talking about it. The increased business strength of their companies is a major proof of this.

Linking News assists businesses in getting their news to more than 500 media outlets by using great marketing strategies. This already helped tons of brands to enjoy success in their field because of a strong media presence, all thanks to their deal with this distribution service.

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Helping Brands Establish a Media Presence

As mentioned earlier, Linking News mainly works with a goal to distribute the news of its clients to top media outlets. Think of it as a promotional strategy, which assists them in reaching thousands of readers through various media outlets.

For example, imagine a startup brand that works hard to reach their target audience. They wish to tell the world what they offer. This is where Linking News steps in, and takes the main news about the startup company to top media outlets. By doing this, it provides an opportunity for them by getting various media news websites to publish its news. The news websites then act as the highest quality backlinks for the new brand. This increases the online overall rank of their site.

What makes them a great provider? Linking News has an impressive connection with around 30,000 journalists and top media websites. All kinds of different companies look to get connected through their amazing network.

How does it actually work?

This is a professional press release distribution service. It is a link between a brand and various media companies. This is an important connection for the said brand, as they need to get out there in the right way.

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Most of the press releases allow these companies that are looking for help to show up on the platforms of top names on the media scene. Their list of customers is always increasing, as the word of their quality is out.

A contract with Linking News grants you an unbranded press release, or a private label press release, meaning their name will not shop up anywhere, and the client will not be featured on their official website. This is crucial and ideal for companies, as it does not seem like the clients of this distribution service have someone helping them reach out to people. Experts have accepted this marketing strategy as ideal, and as such, it contributed majorly towards the success of Linking News.

The press releases companies are featured on major media outlets like Google News, and all the major television, newspapers, and radio station sites. Furthermore, financial feed and industry news sites, as well as regional and local news sites feature the press releases for the clients of this firm.