How Long Does Period Underwear Last – 2024 Guide

Have you recently altered your lifestyle and switched to period underwear? You might not be aware of this reusable menstrual protection’s durability, care, and usability. Here we will discuss everything about this hygiene product.

Period underwear is among the most recent products available for menstrual health. This product is believed to provide an easy and comfortable solution to the issues caused by conventional female hygiene items. The well-known brand states that their panties for menstrual flow can hold up to three tampons of fluid, and they provide a variety of panties that can be used at any level of flow, ranging from light to heavy This sounds like a fantastic solution to your problems with periods; however, at a price of around 35 dollars per pair, you’ll need to be sure that it’s an affordable purchase.

What is the Lifespan Of Period Underwear?

The typical lifespan of your underwear ranges from 2 and 3 years. But, it will differ and will depend on the frequency you use them, and obviously how you take care of your panties. Because underwear is a highly delicate item, thread and elastic can be damaged through wear and tear. However, this shouldn’t impact the efficacy of the fabric in absorption.

Can You Wear Your Period Underwear Throughout The Day?

Similar to pads and tampons, period panties are available in various designs. The materials used in them differ from one brand to another. Therefore, it’s important to take a look at the specifications relevant to the clothes you’re thinking of purchasing.

It also depends on your lifestyle; however, period underwear is able to be worn all day long if it has the proper amount of absorbency you require. Many period underwear brands advise changing your underwear when you feel wet as this indicates that it has absorbed everything it’s capable of. As your period gets longer, the amount of absorption may vary. If you’re able to get maximum absorption on the initial day, the following days may require less protection.

Some women experience extreme menstrual flow that is heavy bleeding, clotting, or flooding for some. Menstrual underwear is recommended as well as a backup plan (e.g. tampons and pads) for longer days or for overnight.

Like anything else new, it will be good to test your first period-wear underwear in your home. You’ll feel more at ease and be able to assess how you think and decide if you’d like to continue using.

Why Is Period Underwear So Costly?

You’re purchasing something washable and reusable that will cost you more than buying single-use tampons and pads. Additionally, menstrual panties last longer, which means your one-time investment in this product benefits you for the next 2-3 years.

The reason why period underwear can seem costly is likely an issue of perception and design. Maybe, when purchasing, you find it expensive, but it will be cheaper over time.

Do You Need To Wear Period Pads With Period Pants?

This is, of course, entirely your choice. Suppose you’re looking to double your protection. You may be frequently bleeding overnight or need additional protection, for example. In that case, it’s okay to use pads or tampons in conjunction with the menstrual panties if that’s what you need to feel confident and comfortable.

How Do You Wash Period Underwear?

It’s normal to assume that these types of underwear need special attention. Most undergarments are “hand washing only.” However, these special period knickers are not too demanding. Different brands will have different instructions for care. In the end, no one wants to come home only to discover that they’ve got a high-maintenance set of clothes on their own!

Modibodi undergarments are about as low-maintenance as they can get. Give a simple machine wash using mild detergent an icy water cycle. We recommend against bleach before laying them down flat for drying. It’s essential to remember that underwear does not have stain-proofing properties! Therefore, we recommend rinsing thoroughly before throwing them into the washer.

Why Should You Switch To Period Knickers?

There are many reasons to think about using menstrual undies.

●  Comfort and confidence

Underwear specially designed for menstrual flow does not compromise on comfort, confidence, or style. On days with less flow, the period underwear will free you from the need to use pantyliners. It’s also essential to remember that insertables such as menstrual cups or tampons are not very comfortable. Period undies are a comfortable alternative.

This type of confidence is crucial, especially for teens who are learning to adjust to their period and flow.

●  Save Some Money

Products for feminine hygiene can get expensive over time. It’s interesting to think about what kind of period undies might change the way women experience their periods, particularly for those who might not have access to or be financially able to purchase expensive disposable products.

●  Supporting our Planet!

From avoiding straws made from plastic to raising our recycling game, we’re all constantly trying to find methods to lessen the amount of waste. Whether you’re using pads or regular tampons, the process can generate an abundance of garbage that ends up in landfill – or worse, in the ocean. Even if you do not entirely remove pads or tampons from your period regimen, making use of them on fewer days can positively impact our surroundings.


As concerns about menstrual hygiene increase every day, the demand for menstrual panties has also risen dramatically. That alone is proof enough of their excellent utility and versatility. Many people are aware of their increasing role in improved hygiene and, ultimately, creating a plastic-free environment.