How Often Do You Need to Inspect a Drain

Your home drains are essential to clean and sanitary living. If they start to break down due to poor maintenance or frequent clogs, it can lead to the growth of mold, unpleasant odors, and other issues. A&V Drain CORP drain repair in Toronto provides an easy solution to this problem. To make sure that you don’t need drain repairs too often, however, there are certain steps you can take to inspecting and cleaning your drain before an emergency arises. The three biggest factors in determining how often you need to inspect a drain include frequency of use, the age of the home, and the contents that go down the drain most frequently.

Frequency of Use

Most drains can last for a period of years without needing regular repair, but those that get used more frequently are at a higher risk of damage and clogs. You should consider a drain cleaner Mississauga if you have a frequently used drain that is beginning to run more slowly than normal. Even if you just pour water down the drain, small impurities and mineral deposits can build up over time, causing clogs and corrosion. Once you have visual evidence that a frequently used drain isn’t working to its fullest capacity, you should reach out to a professional for drain repairs in Toronto. This can help you stay on top of the problem.

Age of Your Home

Older homes are more likely to need frequent drain cleaning. This is partly due to the age of the components. Even though most drains are made of the most corrosive-resistant metals possible, they do get older and more brittle with the passage of time. In the Mississauga and Toronto region, the combination of inclement weather and tree roots growing near a home can cause a drainage backup that affects your entire system. When you first purchase a home, it’s a good idea to have a drain cleaner in Mississauga to investigate your pipes and drains. That individual can then tell you whether you should expect troubles and can give you an idea as to how frequently you might need maintenance.

Uses for the Drain

The final factor in considering how often you might need drain repair in Toronto comes down to what goes down the drain. A drain that has nothing but clean water go through it is at less risk of clogging up and won’t likely cause problems for you beyond simple inconvenience if blockage does occur. For these drains, you can simply use some drain cleaner if a clog starts to form. Drains that are used to flush waste or hazardous chemicals, on the other hand, can cause many more significant problems if ignored for too long. Depending on the chemicals used in a drain, over the counter drain cleaners might not be an ideal solution for a clog. In these cases, a drain repair professional is more necessary.

Keeping the factors listed above in mind, consider calling a professional drain cleaning service from time to time to perform preventive maintenance on your drain. The professionals at A&V Drain provide service to Mississauga, Toronto, and all surrounding areas.