How Technology has Changed Romance

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Technology seems to be advancing at an incredible rate, and a prime indicator of this is the way social media has impacted our everyday lives. You only have to look around you to see the extent of this, with people devoting so much attention to their phones or smart devices. They could be undertaking a diverse range of tasks, from programming their home’s central heating systems, doing work on the internet, to arranging to meet women online and shopping. For the most part, the whole point of technology is to improve and streamline the way we work or interact. But when it comes to romance, is this always a good thing?

The explosion of Internet dating sites

Previously seen in some quarters as the last resort of people who simply couldn’t find partners any other way, online dating has become one of the foremost methods of harnessing technology for social aims. The extent of its influence in our daily lives can easily be cleaned by the stats. Some of the larger online resources now command memberships running into the millions, with outlets in different countries across the world. There are diverse sites, catering to everything from single-sex encounters to casual affairs, age-gap partnerships to any amount of fetishes. The point is, technology is now offering an incredible range of choice and convenience when it comes to arranging our love lives.

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Social media

Social media is also everywhere these days, and most of us have a favourite platform we enjoy signing into on a regular basis, from Facebook to Snapchat, Instagram to Twitter. This has also had a major impact on romance. People can now get an excellent idea of dating prospects simply by eavesdropping on online accounts, judging prospective partners by their friendship circles and the interests they have. Instagram also allows users to see and like photographs of strangers, then send them direct messages. There will always be cons, but the pros to this form of instant communication far outweigh these.

How is offline dating faring these days?

It is important to note, much as technology has created a raft of dating websites or social media platforms which are ideal for instant connections, there will always be room for the traditional methods of searching for partners. Many people are quite happy juggling both types of romantic activity, looking up potential partners from the convenience of their smart devices while pursuing the traditional route of heading into their town centers to enjoy nights out in singles bars or nightclubs. Offline and online dating is certainly not mutually exclusive activities.

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Breaking down barriers and promoting inclusiveness

One terrific aspect of Internet dating is it is a great leveler. When you sign up to become a member of a dating site, you are entering a domain where there are no barriers to class, cultural background, religious beliefs or gender preferences. Here you are just as liable to find yourself attracted to someone who might live in a different State or even time zone. When video chatting is added into the mix, there is no reason at all why you couldn’t connect with people you just wouldn’t come into contact with in your normal circles. No one will get far with Internet dating if they have a judgmental outlook.

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Beware of trolls

It is worth underscoring that for all the benefits technology brings, there will always be a downside. The relative anonymity offered by singles sites is an ideal environment for people who twist the truth. Catfish will present a completely false image in order to give a misleading impression, while trolls will use the Internet for no other reason than spite.