How to Avoid a Website Fail?


If you are having a business then it is quite common that you also would be having a website for yourself, isn’t it so? However, it needs to be seen that maintaining a website takes a lot of stress and work for you. And in certain cases, and scenarios websites can fail as well.

Yes, they can be owing to poor coding or design and many other factors which we are going to discuss ahead.

For this what is important is strategic planning to avoid the embarrassment in general. However, in the end, you can certainly and hopefully turn your website into a lead generating cash cow.


So, let’s look at the factors and working on them will avoid you to avoid a website failure.

Unstructured Information

This is quite important to see that most of the websites are specifically there for a purpose. These are specifically looking to get the answer to the query of the user and know about the product to make the right purchase. And if they find it difficult to locate stuff specifically then that is not at all a favorable and good situation for any kind of business.

Not Mobile Friendly

It is important to see that if you have a business and if you have a mobile-friendly site then what you want to do is particularly make it mobile friendly. However, it also needs to be seen that if a website is not mobile friendly, then there can be certain complications which you may not want to get through in the first place itself.


Slow Loading

It is important to see that slow loading of the website speed is one of the most important factors for a website failure in terms of poor website traffic and slow loading time. If your website is having a load time of more than five seconds then this will be certainly an important factor which you should be certainly fixing. If you are not able to solve this problem by yourself then what you can do is that you can hire a web design company in New Jersey.

No call to action

It has been seen that most of the websites are particularly there for a purpose. However, either they are looking for an answer or the query which would be solving their problems in the first place. However, if they find it to be somewhat difficult to make the purchase.

And if they would be finding it difficult to get what they are looking for in terms of their query and search then they will simply log out of the website which will make it be a website failure factor.

Error Pages


These are the “404 error” pages which we get to see or the “this page does not exist”. A 404 page is perhaps one of the most common when it comes to the web page errors.

However, it is not pleasant for any business to have excessive 404 business pages. However, the page issues are very common but what is a good thing to consider that these can be fixed very easily.

Cluttered Layout of the Web Design

There is no doubt in the fact that there is just too much information on the internet. However, it also needs to be seen that the users also have a very low attention span. However, it is certainly not a very good idea when it comes to throwing up the whole thesis about the business and the website as well.

Inconsistent Web Design


It is important to see that if your website has a very inconsistent design, then the chances are that you won’t be getting the required amount of traffic and also the important to see that the inconsistent design is what makes the overall design experience lagging and this is not cool.

Conclusion: There can be certain times when the websites fail and there can be many reasons for that such as error pages, inconsistent web design, cluttered layout, the absence of a call to actions. And if you want to avoid the causes of a website failure, then these are the factors you would need to look upon.