How to Bypass Factory Reset Protection (FRP) Samsung Galaxy Device

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These days too many people facing this FRP lock issue on their own Android device, FRP lock is actually an android feature that provides extra security shield to device owner data, but this is very awesome and helpful protection guard against data leaking. In this topic, we will discuss what FRP lock is and how you can bypass Samsung Galaxy FRP Lock from our own device in free of cost.

What is Factory Reset Protection (FRP)?

FRP stands for factory reset protection, that means if you lose your smartphone somewhere or someone stole your Android device,  you will have a big headache, and you are worried more about your data instead then the device. In this case, FRP helps you as nobody can access your device, even if they want to hard reset your device. Without this, people used to access device easily just by hard reset, now android brought new FRP feature, and if someone tries to hard reset your gadget, then he will not be able to access your device until you enter the Google account that you previously added in your android device.

Every android device has a Gmail account, if you want to apply FRP feature on your device, then you will have to add your Gmail ID to your smartphone for the extra security feature.

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How to Apply FRP Security Shield:

1- Go to “Settings”

2- Now go to “Accounts”

3- Tap on “Add Account”

4- Now enter your valid Gmail account there, once you added your Gmail successfully you are safe. After that, in case you lose your device and someone hard reset your device, he will not be able to access device until you enter the Gmail account that you added before.

How Do I Remove FRP Lock:

The main question is, what you will do if you get your own device FRP lock? Some people legally buy the used handset, after that, they bring set at home, and then hard reset device to refresh it. At that moment they realize that they get FRP lock on their own device, so the question is, what to do in this situation?

If you want to Remove Samsung Galaxy FRP Lock, then you should visit this website as it provides best, helpful and free FRP bypass methods. This way you will regain control over your Samsung Galaxy Device.