How to choose a perfect fur clothing

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Choosing the perfect fur for yourself can be a pretty difficult decision. Mostly because furs are not as simple as regular clothing because they are more unique and come with a more expensive tag. If you are not able to buy different kinds of fur for every occasion then you will have to take some time to properly decide which type of fur is the perfect option for you.

The first question you will need to ask yourself is what will your fur be used for. Keep in mind, it doesn’t need to have just one simple function, a fur can have many uses. You can use fur to keep yourself warm through those freezing cold winter days, but you also want to look good when going out with your friends.

This is where the second question comes in to help you decide which fur is perfect for you. Will you be using the fur just to keep you warm or will you be using it as an addition to your fashion style or maybe a balance of both?

Before you decide which type of fur is perfect for your activities you should consider the types of furs that are available.

Rabbit fur

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Not a lot of people think about buying rabbit fur when they can’t decide. However, this fur can be a great choice because it comes in colors that can be combined with any other piece of clothing. Rabbit furs can come in grey, white, brown or even black. They are also very nice to the touch and can keep you pretty warm even though they come in medium-length.

According to Aria Moda fur clothing, rabbit fur is probably one of the softest furs available.

Fox fur

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One of the most popular types of fur is fox fur. If you think that the only color available from fox furs is just the standard red one, you are wrong. There are hundreds of colors you can choose from if you don’t think that red fur is not right for you. Fox fur is considered to be one of the most deluxe types of furs available.

Mink fur

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One of the most expensive furs available, one of the most demanded furs, but it is also the fur that gives you the best feel while keeping you warm. Mink furs have beautiful long hairs that are amazing to the touch which is such a popular choice for most people who are into furs.

Things you should consider when buying furs

There are two types of hair when it comes to fur, one is short underfur which is what keeps the animals warm and the other is the longer and more durable hairs that keep animals protected from scratching, biting and other dangers out in the wild. This means that the furs with much longer hairs need to be properly cared for if you want to keep them longer while the furs with shorter hairs can be much easier to maintain. So if you are looking to stay warm during the winter but still look fashionable, get a fur with longer hairs.