How to clean siding without a pressure washer

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Like most of the homeowners, even I used to assume that the only way to get rid of the dirty siding is by using a pressure washer. The ridiculous spots caused by the “get together” of mildew, fungus, algae, and dirt was driving me crazy!
I then luckily got to know the simplest and cheapest way to deal with the problem. Yes, without a pressure washer, of course! Instead of spending so much on buying the pressure washer or even renting one, you can try cleaning the siding of your home with this technique. Here you go:
Well, most of the times, the siding which looks so dirty that you think you have no choice other than getting it painted actually needs a quick and effective wash! So, gather the tools and get started.

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• A ladder, of course!
• An extension pole, a bucket, a hose, and some bleach
Trisodium Phosphate detergent (TSP)
• Nylon scrub brush (soft bristled)
• Mildewcide (If required)
Cleaning the siding:
If you witness mildew, mold or dirt, all you can do is to use this solution:
Mix 1-quart bleach + 3/4th gallon of water + a small quantity of TSP detergent

You can mix a small amount of Mildewcide if you want to clean wood siding.
Now, get ready to see the magic happen! It may consume a longer time, but it is worth it, especially if you are not that fan of using a pressure washer.


• Safety comes first. So, make sure you have turned the power off to all the lights on or near the siding
• Crosscheck whether you have covered the shrubs and plants with a plastic
• Make sure you keep aside the things and items on your way or blocking your way
• Most important, do close the door, windows, and the vents before you start cleaning. Well, don’t be shocked to see the wet floors, cushions, and curtains if you miss to close them!
• Keep your children, pets, and old people away from the cleaning area
A piece of advice:
Just so you know, bleach is obsessed with bright and pretty colors! So if it finds the playful colors, the first thing it does is to suck the colors and leave it pale! So, do not pick the “Brand new” outfit from your wardrobe while cleaning!

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• Be careful while climbing up the ladder. Make sure you are wearing a pair of safety glasses and hand gloves as a measure of safety
• Now, the actual purpose begins. Start wetting the siding spraying it in a direction away from doors and windows
• After a thorough spray, take out the soft-bristled brush which is attached at the end of an extension pole and start rubbing the areas with some amount of pressure

• It will be helpful for you if you work on a bit of section at a time instead of wetting the entire siding and mumbling why you did so!
• Follow a pattern working from the top and then sliding to the bottom. This way, you can make the dirt to wash down completely and thus avoid the stains caused due to bleaching
• As a final touch, do not ever forget to clean off the sprayed solution before it starts to dry
Using a house wash:
This is another alternative if you are bored to mix the things on your own. You can go for “House wash” which contains a similar solution as that of car wash products.

How to use?

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• Attach it to the garden hose and turn it on
• Spray the house wash on the siding and let it sit for at least 10 minutes
• Now, you can start rinsing and washing off the siding by turning the nozzle
• You might have to repeat the procedure if you witness any remains of mildew or mold
Well, there will always be a simple solution for any complicated problem. You just need to work on finding one without assuming! With a minimum budget and effective cleaning, you can have a bright and clean siding all the time!