Maintenance Tips on How to Clean Your Vape Device


Without any doubt, vaping has become one of the favorite activities among people. People are using all the available tools to make their free time more relaxing. It seems that being a vape owner is becoming a normal thing in today’s world. But, that doesn’t mean that you do not have certain responsibilities.

If you want to enjoy vaping to the fullest, then you need to ensure that your vape possesses the necessary quality. You can buy the necessary equipment at highly professional online shops such as, but that is not going to be enough. You have to clean your vape device regularly and ensure the tool keeps its quality on a long-term basis.

Indeed, the influence of different flavorings is not going to be visible immediately. However, keep in mind that some of the most popular flavors we use can negatively influence the performance of the vape. That especially counts when we talk about vegetable glycerin and sweet flavors. Sooner or later, it may happen that your vape taste is going to be become burnt.

No, changing the coil head is not going to solve the problem. If the juice you previously tried is still lingering in the device, the taste will certainly be strange and unpleasant.

Anyway, reaching the solution to this form of the problem is not difficult. All you will have to do is to find the best possible cleaning method and use it next time before you start vaping. We will highlight all crucial maintenance tips on how to clean your vape device and make things easier for you that way. Choose the one that seems suitable the most. Let’s go!

Standard Method: Good, But Not Always


We will start with the basic method of cleaning. Believe it or not, it is going to be enough to use the warm water in some cases. But, before you start cleaning, you will have to separate all the parts of the vape. After you do that, turn on the water and place each part under it. After you clean it, use the paper towel for drying.

But, drying may be a bit problematic as you will always see certain marks of the water on the surface of each part. Don’t even spend time trying to solve this problem completely. Instead of that, leave the air dry to complete the job.

Unfortunately, this method is only going to be good if you are cleaning your vape device daily. If you haven’t cleaned it for days, then you will need to make some extra steps. Use the microwave and leave your bowl full of water there for a minute or two. During that period, get the parts of the tank and place them under the sink. After the microwave finishes the job, get the bowl and put the tank inside of it. Keep it there until the water gets cool and dry the part with a paper towel.

Use Propylene Glycol

Water is not the only option that vape users have. You can also use propylene glycol to complete the job. The entire process is pretty simple, even if you have never cleaned your vape device before. Just fill up the bowel with PG and leave the tank there for an hour and a half.

Do you need to use the paper towel once again for drying? This time, it is going to be enough to leave the tank on the napkin. Don’t worry, propylene glycol is going to accomplish the job to the fullest. It is an amazing flavor carrier that you can use for different types of kitchen tools as well.

Use Items that You Have at Home

There are some products that we all have at home. However, their purpose is usually not related to cleaning at all. However, when we talk about vape device cleaning, they can be an excellent option for deeper cleaning.

For starters, you can use baking soda. If you decide to use this product, then you can be sure that your vape tank will be sparkling once again. Despite that, some people decide on using Ethanol. In other words, you can use grain alcohol to clean your vape device. However, there is one thing that you need to remember! Ethanol and Isopropyl alcohol are not the same things, and they have quite different effects! Cleaning your tank with isopropyl alcohol will only harm the inside part of your tank.

The list of items you have at home and are useful for vape cleaning does not end there. Believe it or not, you can even use vodka to clean the vape device. However, we strongly recommend that you do not purchase expensive ones. Just because a bottle of vodka is more expensive, that doesn’t mean the effect will be better. Cheap vodkas are just fine, and there is no reason to look for expensive ones.

You Can Use Ultrasonic Cleaner As Well

Well, this method of cleaning is ideal for those people that want to clean the tanks as well as possible. With ultrasonic cleaners, you will ensure that your vape device will work perfectly fine for many years. Indeed, these cleaners are more characteristical for the cleaning of precious metals. You won’t find ultrasonic cleaners that are directly dedicated to vape devices. But, we strongly recommend you find those that feature 10-minute cycles.

So, how do these cleaning tools function? Believe it or not, you do not need to possess any technical knowledge. All you will hav to do is to fill the cleaner with water and put all the parts that a vape device contains inside. Turn the tool on (click on the button) and wait for those 10 minutes to pass. Some people decide to add dishwashing liquid, but we believe there is no need to do such as thing.

Final Thought

Generally speaking, all the cleaning methods are just fine. You can use the basic one with warm water in case you are cleaning your vape device after every usage. However, if you want to reach better results and prolong the life of your vape device, the remaining methods may be a better choice. Sooner or later, you will have to use some of them even if you are cleaning the vape device with water regularly.