How To Create A Professional – Looking Youtube Intro In A Cost-efficient Manner?

In today’s globalized markets, a product is as good as it is advertised. Sure, to retain the customer base, the salient value addition of a product plays a crucial role but to appeal to the diverse and somewhat transient tastes of the customers in the first place, effective marketing becomes a potent tool.

With the rising shift of the customers to the online space, the need to digitize marketing strategies have also arisen in the recent context. In fact, the global boom of technology has triggered a drastic transformation of the market space as well as the marketing ecosystems by and large. This is reflected in the rise of various innovative forms of crowd oriented marketing stints by independent as well commissioned Instagram influencers and Youtube bloggers.

Brands are increasingly resorting to popular platforms like YouTube to promote their products. Parallelly, numerous individuals are creating content that galvanizes a lot of audience attention on such platforms, without requiring any complicated or cumbersome bandwidth or incurring massive production costs.

What Makes Youtube Videos a Popular Digital Marketing Medium?

Youtube for digital marketing has emerged as one of the foremost marketing strategies in the contemporary context. If we look at the successful Youtube channels like PewDiePie, a gamer with more than 100 million subscribers who blogs about online video games or Mr Beast, a philanthropist with 26.1 million subscribers, we can gauge the massive influence these streaming platforms have on the consumer behaviour. Global statistics imply that streaming platforms happen to be the next big thing in the realm of digital marketing. While 300 hours of videos are uploaded on one of the other streaming platforms every minute, 59% of the working professionals have proclaimed their preference of videos over texts when it comes to marketing material.

How to Make Successful Video Blogs in a Cost-Efficient Manner?

Youtube is undoubtedly one of the most popular social media platforms, which not only connects the community of video content makers with a broader audience but also unleashes the massive potential for the brands to reach out to their target audience seamlessly. Despite the endless boons of the platform, the task of suitably using streaming platforms to make your video shine through the rest can be a huge challenge.

There are numerous tools and advanced technologies at the disposal of the content creators which translate into aesthetic video makers for their online videos. Competence with these, along with a few other generic tricks may help anyone with a creative afflatus to produce successful Youtube videos within a tight budget.

  • Best Utilisation of Free Tools

For anyone seeking to monetize their Youtube blogs, SEO optimization, content fluidity, and of course, a cordial social media fora become the key weapon.

A smart way to make your videos meander into the brand’s marketing plan as well as gather more subscribers would be to prepare to engage YouTube intros. These introductory clips which provide a snapshot of the brand’s animation and logo can actually rivet the attention of the target audience and also appeal to the brand owners as a viable marketing strategy.

Adobe Spark or Animaker are popular tools that popular YouTube channels like TED and 5 Minutes Crafts use for their video intros. The best bet about these tools is that they come at zero cost while creating a significant value addition.

However, for an online movie maker, the niche isn’t entirely limited to your own self. The mantra to realizing your fullest potential would be to juxtapose your interests and strengths with that of the behavioural trends of your target audience. This will be boosted by capitalizing on SEO functionalities through free software tools like Canva and TubeBuddy.

And we cannot forget the, among many others this is a very popular and good tool that could be very useful for creating and editing videos!

  • Create a USP within Low-Cost Budgets

A creator must try to gauge the user experience of the campaign and see how it aligns with their own overriding objectives? It is important to leverage their own USPs while creating a crowd-pleasing video. So, besides the catchy content, the clincher is the visual appeal. One of the challenging aspects of this part is the budget.

The first step to producing videos in a cost-efficient manner would be getting the right set up, effective lighting, and basic video recording equipment. The second step entails the editing and uploading elements. Here, you may explore some of the free software like StreamLabs OBS for fast streaming or iMovies for high-resolution videos. This largely enhances the visual appeal of the videos while sparing you any undue pocket pinch.

  • Reach Out to Clients with a Personal Touch

As an online video maker, you have ample opportunity to add a personal touch to your videos which can go a long way in riveting your impression among your audience. It is crucial to gauge the pulse of the target audience and facilitate a dynamic network of audience engagement.

Here again, social media offers the best solutions. Facebook groups and Quora questions are not only ideal for identifying potential stakeholders but also for offering tangible solutions and interactions with the potential viewers.

The best part of this tactic is that it spares you the unnecessary sales plug and instead fosters a collaborative model. Crowdsourcing topics is the easiest way to garner interests among the viewers and courtesy of social media; it’s all for free.

  • Pair Quality with Quantity

With the right tools at your disposal and the luxury of your own space, video makers can embark on their online blogging journey while bearing barely any investment. But, the viewers or the brands should never get an impression of any deficiencies only because you’re running the show by yourself. It cannot be a principle of deluge and drought for a successful free movie maker.



Consistent and creative videos are essential to keep you relevant. The idea is not to immediately transform the visitors into subscribers but to foray into their consideration set and make them spread the word on your behalf. Hence, your profile should be such that your viewers remember you, and it isn’t a one-time view.

Be it encashing on a topic of current affairs, capturing exotic or exciting locations or embedding humourous content, whatever may be your chosen genre, make sure you pander to your viewers and do so frequently. One tried and tested tip to successful video blogging is to curb your monetary investment, instead, invest in your time and innovation.