How to File for Divorce Online – 5 Things you need to Learn

Going through the process of separation is one of the things that may leave someone depressed for life. However, since life must move on despite the hardships, there must be a way forward to see to it that every step has gone well. The thought of children and their custody, division of property makes it very hard for a couple to decide on what way to follow.

Online separation, however, is applicable where the couples have agreed with such that it is an uncontested breakup. When it comes to issues of disagreement, then there is no way out but to go through an attorney.

One of the essential things that one should consider is that while failing to end a marriage, you do not expect to win so that you are in a position to settle down the storms that come along with separation and be able to move on.

There are things that one needs to learn about online divorce before proceeding to file, and these are explained as follows;

  1. Understand how divorce online is done

You must be well aware of what happens in divorce online. For instance, you need to know if you qualify to file for marriage separation papers online. When you choose the online service that you wish to work with, you will log in to the site and answer questions that will let you know if you qualify for online divorce. Follow this link to know more.

Once this is done, you will be in a position to fill out the forms, review and submit for processing.

  1. Filing for Petition

As soon as you have signed up and paid the application fee, one is given access to the divorce forms to fill all the information required for form filling. This part may seem rather hard because sometimes the questions may seem complicated, for instance, if there is a child, you must state carefully what is the way forward to the custody and who will be eligible for upkeep. This means that both the parties must have agreed who will take custody of the child without contesting.

With the online break-up, you can always ask for support from the support staff in the marriage separation service site that you have decided to use, such that as soon as you finish filling the forms, there will be no much of a back and forth editing of the forms.

However, you have to be truthful to the information as the forms will be used for court filing.

  1. Filing

It is essential to know that as soon as the forms have been filled and you get access to them, you are required to present them to the courts. As soon as you make the presentation, your spouse is sent an acknowledgment of your intention to start the annulment process. He or she is expected to respond within seven days.

Once your spouse responds, at this time you can move on with the court proceedings.

As mentioned earlier, if the split up is uncontested, the court process takes a shorter time than for contested separation. And in most cases when a couple decides to go through the online divorce, then this is proof that the marriage is uncontested.

  1. Decree Nisi Stage

After all the forms have been submitted to the courts, then there is a time that the judges are given to go through the papers and determine the eligibility of the case.

This can take approximately six weeks and you will get a response if the judges were comfortable with your case for them to proceed and make the final verdict.

The main aim of the courts asking for the allowance of the time is to peruse through the papers and determine if all the information is correct, give you the chance to rethink about the decision and finally ensure that they have also made the best decision on the process involved in ending the marriage. This is because spouses parting ways is almost a life-threatening procedure that raises storms from all sides, leaves the children devastated and hurt. However when handled with care, the healing process can take faster, and once the decree is made, the Ex family will be able to dust themselves and move on.
  1. Decree Pronouncement

This is the final stage where after the judges have gone through the papers, they give a final date for the pronouncement of the official separation. It is a position where the courts will end the marriage formally, present you with the final decree and set you free.

You will receive a notice two weeks before the pronouncement of the decree to prepare yourself psychologically and know what steps to take upon the official pronouncement.

However, the decree does not mean that you have cut all the ties with your spouse. It is now the official time for the division of the assets, take the custody of the children and settle any other matters as pronounced in the decree.

When all this is done and said, the couples are set to move on with the single lives which are a new life with the new challenges. It’s therefore essential to take think through and make a decision that you will not regret later in life. By this, one must have full grounds of ending the marriage, and this includes questions such as;

  1. The validity of ending the marriage

This could be because of adultery, unreasonable behavior, and having separated from your spouse for over two years.

  1. The cost of the break-up

The marriage breakup does not have to be expensive in such a way that it drains your finances. You must remember that there is life after separation and as such, the process does not need to consume every coin that you have in the bank. Divorce online is the type of separation that is quick, inexpensive and affordable. You only need to know the right service to use and access the divorce papers online to move on in the best way possible.

It’s crucial therefore to know how much it will cost for the entire separation before embarking on the journey.

  1. Confirm if the process is a no-fault divorce

A no-fault divorce is an arrangement whereby the spouse filing the separation suit does not have any proof of fault to the other spouse, and there are irreconcilable differences that exist between themselves. In such a case, the couples may still use the divorce online provided they have agreed to file for an uncontested breakup.
  1. Time limit

To be given the go-ahead for divorce, there must be proof that you have lived together as s husband and wife for one year and above.


As you file for divorce, remember this is a lifetime decision that will not only affect yourselves but also the children and as such always have a sober mind and work out towards a life that will offer you contentment in what you missed during the marriage.