How to Find Money When You Urgently Need It

There are several different ways of how you can make a million dollars for only one week.

Okay, now when we got your attention, we need to tell you that something like that is not possible. Actually, maybe it is, if you get on the lottery you can make millions of dollars at once. Still, you already know something like that is quite difficult to happen. Making a lot of money is something that requires time, patience, hard work, and many other things.

We understand your concerns. You desperately need some money for various reasons. For example, older people probably need money to pay the bills. Youngsters need money for the week so that they could go out with their friends. You can here many different reasons why we need money so quickly.

How to make a lot of money in the next couple of days is not the answer we offer you. So, if you are looking for answers to that question, you can stop reading.

However, if you are wondering how to find a certain amount of money soon, this is the right place for you. We have several different suggestions that can solve your problem temporarily.

Use Your Car to Profit

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The first thing that comes to our mind is Uber. However, this piece of advice only drivers can use. But, it seems to us that the majority of people have a driver’s license. So, instead of driving your car in various places, you should turn those kilometers into money. The only condition is that your car meets the minimum requirements that this company has.

Many of you would say that they do not have time to drive because you have a full-time job. Understandably, you can’t work 18 out of 24 hours per day. Because of that, you can connect with car-sharing service companies. They can find customers immediately. You can get your money by the end of the day and you can still have time to work 8 hours per day and sleep normally.

Rent Your Home/Apartment

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People like to travel, but they also do not want to spend all of their money. Getting a room into a hotel is usually too expensive. That is the opportunity you can use. You can rent the entire house or only one room over Airbnb and similar websites. These people usually rent an apartment for a couple of days. Yet, there are also those that need a room for only one day. This means that you can make a few thousand dollars per day.

Possessing only one house or apartment is not a problem. Talk to your friends and family members. Ask them to sleepover at their house for 1 day. If they don’t have money to borrow you, this is at least they can do.

Look for Payday Loan

According to, this is one of the methods that people prefer to use. You can use this option in 24 different states in America. There are several different reasons why you should consider a payday loan as a good option.


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This is the first advantage of this sort of loan services. First of all, you can contact them whenever you want. Most of them work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Besides that, you do not need to go directly to their office. Most of them use online apps to reach their potential customers.

Not Big Requirements

Traditional lenders will ask for several different things before they borrow you money. For instance, you will have to show proof of income and a credit check. These two things will confirm that you are truly able to return the money that you want to borrow.

With payday loan services, these things are unnecessary. The only requirement that you have is that you are at least 18 years old. Of course, for something like that you will have to provide ID or social security number. Besides that, it is necessary to have a full-time job and an active bank account. All these requirements are acceptable, aren’t they?

Not Asking for Credit History

Is it possible to get any type of loan if your credit score is negative? Well, things are different when we talk about payday loan services. They simply do not check your credit history. We already said which requirements you need to meet.

Saves Time

People that urgently need money do not have time to lose. You will have to bring many papers to the traditional lenders before they give you the money. As we said, these companies are easy-to-access. You can get your money for only a couple of minutes.

Try to Negotiate

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The main reason why we are looking to find money quickly is usually that we want to pay our bills on time. Everything else can wait, but bills were and always will be the main problem of our society. So, what to do?

You can try to negotiate. For example, you use TV and Internet services for the current company. However, your bills are too high and you can’t pay them. So, you can call the current company a few days before the deadline to ask which options you have. The smartest thing to say is that you are planning to switch to the company’s component. Tell them that their services are too expensive and that their competition offers better conditions. Trust us, there is a big chance they will offer you some discounts or move the deadline. If that doesn’t happen, at least you tried.

This won’t bring you money, but it will potentially buy you a couple more days to get the necessary amount of money.

Walk Dogs

People are busy too much and they do not have time to constantly take care of their dogs. Walk around your neighborhood and check which houses have a dog in their garden. Ask them kindly if they need someone to walk their dog for an hour or two. If they accept, you will get money later that day.

The biggest advantage of this option is that you can have multiple clients at once. You can walk a couple of dogs at the same time and you can earn around 100 dollars for only 2 hours of work.