How to get an Illinois Liquor License for Video Gaming

An Illinois Gaming Board is a group of people that are entirely dedicated to regulating the world of gambling done through video gaming. They provide many different regulations in every aspect, and they even handle the provision as well.

If you want to have a video gaming based gambling machine in your truck stop or restaurant, you need to get a valid Illinois License in order to be allowed to operate such business.

We’re not mentioning casinos since opening a casino is something that requires many licenses from the very beginning, so smaller places such as restaurants that want to have a “fun sector” are our main focus for today’s article.

The Illinois Gaming Board was formed back in 1990 after the passage of the Riverboat Gambling Act. Since integrity is very important in this type of business, the board decided to focus on making things as transparent and legitimate as possible. Today they’re like the watermark of fair-play when we take video gaming into consideration.

If you are already familiar with this, chances are that you are wondering how you can get a license for your place that will allow you to operate such slot-machines and other types of video gaming machines.

Please be vary that the board is very strict with its rules and it wants to make absolutely sure that you’re a very honest and ethical person. Running a legitimate business that’s fair both for the consumers and the owners is what they want to see, so any minor slips and lapses can make this application get labeled as “rejected”. Luckily, if you follow all the rules and prove that you have no bad intention on your mind, obtaining this license will be easy.

Here’s how the process goes. Read below if you are wondering where to get a gaming license.

When you apply, the first thing that the Universal Gaming Group does is checking your municipality for any rules against gambling in general. If you want to be a slot machine operator, you’ll have to be situated in a place where gambling is allowed. Then, your local requirements will be checked in order to note if you meet all of them. If this first phase goes clear and without any interruptions, you can proceed to step 2.

This is the phase where a member of the board will meet with you at the place where you want to set up the slot machines. Here you will start the application process for the license, and further inspection of the place will be carried out. If everything goes smoothly in this field as well, it’s up to the board to decide whether you will be given a license or not. Everyone’s name that’s on the application will have to be fingerprinted and identified. Lastly, some of the board members will help you set things up and prepare for the final and mandatory inspection by the entire Illinois Gaming Board, and this is where the final documents will get verified. If everything goes as it should, you will be issued a license for video gaming.