How To Increase Your Instagram Reach Even if You Have Only 1000 Followers

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Do you want to increase your organic reach on Instagram? Is your reach low? You are in the right place, buddy!

This article will provide you with practical nuggets on how to reach more people on Instagram, and as a result, your reach will significantly spike.

This social media has proved to be a force to reckon when it comes to digital marketing. Numerous digital marketers are using this indispensable platform, given the fact that a whopping 50% (8) of Instagrammers follow brand profiles.

That said, setting up a business account is not enough; you ought to achieve substantial reach for guaranteed success.

So, what does reach mean on Instagram?

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Simply put, reach is the number of persons on this platform who see your post. The more people see your post, the higher the chances of converting visitors to potential customers.

The past

Years back, it was easy to come up with a strategy that would guarantee an obnoxious reach on a post. All you needed to do was identify the ideal time to post and follow the trend day in day out.

Where we are

Fast forward to 2018, and beyond, Instagram introduced an algorithm that made it challenging to increase organic reach on it. The algorithm uses a set of signals. Let’s list them below.

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Timeliness: Instagram no longer chronologically displays content. Nonetheless, timing is a crucial factor. In a March 2018 announcement, the company said that the update would ensure newer posts appear first in your audiences’ feeds.

Relationship: If your account is filled with Instagram comments from a handful of your followers, then the algorithm interprets that as a “close relationship” and they are set to see 90 percent of your posts.

Interest: Like Facebook and YouTube, Instagram will occasionally recommend posts to your followers. As such, ensure that the posts are as engaging as possible. Encourage your followers to interact with you. Enticing photos and a compelling call to action will allow you to grab their attention. Check out Instasize to improve your photos.

How do you avoid reach going down?

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Let’s cut the chase!

  1. Aim for engaging content

Engagement should be your primary goal when it comes to mitigating your Instagram reach going down. Besides, posting engaging content is a sure recipe for your post to appear first on their feeds. The best part, it is super easy. Here are ways you can increase engagement.

  • Ask questions: This helps increase the number of Instagram comments on a specific post.
  • Giveaways: Giveaway contests are a sure bet for increasing engagement. However, do not overdo it; once in two months is more than enough.
  • Call to action: Never hesitate to add CAT in your content. This can include sharing or commenting.

We find asking questions and adding a call to action the ideal ways to encourage engagement. Which is your pick?

  1. Find the perfect time to post

You can never go wrong with posting at the right time. Which is the ideal time? When Instagram followers are active. To Buy more Followers and likes to Visit Instapple. This ensures that your post is first on their feeds and ultimately getting numerous likes and comments.

With an Instagram Business account, you have access to its Insights that provides you crucial data on when your followers are most active. Don’t have a business account? Worry not! There are numerous services such as Sprout Social and Icon on a square that provide you this vital info.

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Sue B. Zimmerman (7), an Instagram expert, concurs with this, she says, “It may take time to get a long-term understanding of your followers’ activity, but it’s important to make sure you’re posting when the majority of your audience is online.”

  1. Experiment posting your content on numerous platforms – “cross-posting.”

If you are still at limbo on how to increase reach on Instagram 2019, why not cross-post your content on other platforms such as Facebook and Pinterest. Luckily, it gives you the freedom to publish the content on those mentioned above and more platforms.

However, you should not populate platforms with a similar post. Aim for a post that is uniquely geared for the Instagram audience, then share it in a few platforms. Nonetheless, we’d recommended much of your Instagram posts on Pinterest. Why? It registers a behemoth number of searches.

  1. Experiment with trending and industry-relevant hashtags

Coming up with a hashtag strategy is a must-do to increase reach on the post. Shamelessly take advantage of existing brand hashtags and experiment on new trendy ones. This way, your post is likely to reach a diverse audience.

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That said, ensure that all the chosen hashtags are attuned to what your target market is searching for. Currently, Instagram allows you to use at least 30 of them. Aim for at least 15 or so per post. Likewise, you can opt to play around with themed hashtags such as niche, time-sensitive, or even branded hashtags.

  1. Tell captivating stories

Do you want to attract numerous Instagram comments? Tell an Instagram story! You see, these stories help you present the human side of your company, and followers do love this. Moreover, stories appear above your followers’ feeds.

As such, brand exposure is significantly bolstered. Don’t be afraid to capture behind the scenes videos and present them to your audience.  The more Instagrammers view your stories, the more your posts will become relevant. Spend ample time creating engaging and relevant stories.

  1. Take advantage of Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads can otherwise be referred to as paid reach. While this might sound counter-intuitive, they are a sure way to increase organic reach. With a Business account, you can seamlessly promote past posts.

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All you need to do is look for posts that had ample engagement. It is a no-brainier that followers you are promoting them to will resonate with them and hence increased reach on posts.

  1. Don’t forget to collaborate

This a secret weapon on how to increase reach on Instagram 2019. Collaborating with Instagram influencers can go a long way to increase reach. Top Instagram marketers work with these people since they are considered trustworthy and niche-based compared to celebrities.

They can help you get a new audience, promote a product, and come up with fresh content, among other essential benefits.

Final cut!

The above are some of the sure ways on how to reach more people on Instagram, resulting in increased reach. You can also try going live, utilize user-generated content, and always reply to your DMs among other tricks.

Have additional tips? Did you like the article? Let us know in the comment section. Share, and help other business increase Instagram reach.