How To Make The Most of The NBA Playoffs

The National Basketball Association (NBA) playoffs are an exciting time. After months of both Eastern and Western conference games, it’s now time to get behind your team as they make their way, or don’t, into the final to battle it out for the trophy.

Whether you support one of the long time rival teams like the Boston Celtics and LA Lakers, or if you’re more concerned about last year’s building tension between the Golden State Warriors and the LA Clippers, you’ll no doubt be wanting to get a good view of the playoffs.

Thanks to evolving technology, there are now many different ways to get courtside from the comfort of your own home or someone else’s. Read on to find out more about some of the innovative ways to enjoy the NBA playoffs this year.

How To Make The Most of The NBA Playoffs

1. Watch it in VR

One of the most innovative ways to watch the playoffs is to get a VR subscription to NBA screenings that will help you relive all your dreams of playing arcade games like NBA Jam.

Whether you own a Magic Leap headset or an Oculus Rift, with VR, you can take your fandom to the next level by really feeling like you’re a part of the game. The NEXT VR app also provides another point of connection for this type of VR experience.

With a League Pass, you can watch the entire season, or you can choose to pay per game. Either way, this kind of immersive experience will feel just like being at the game yourself.

2. Game nights with friends

VR can bring the entire match experience to life, but unfortunately, unless you have multiple headsets, you won’t be able to enjoy or share this experience with your friends.

To make the most of the playoffs, why not have a game night with your friends? In this case, you might all be screaming around one TV, but there will most probably be some tasty homemade snacks and drinks involved (which you won’t easily find life, or in VR).

In fact, why not make game nights with friends a regular feature throughout the season? If you have friends who support the same team, this will be easier. But even if you do have friends who support your rivals, what’s wrong with a little harmless competition?

3. Betting

Speaking of competition, why not make the games more fun, and lucrative, by placing some wagers on the outcome of the playoffs?

As we mentioned, evolving technology like VR can give you unprecedented insight into a live game. Still, with some vested interest in the outcome, the game could even be more exciting.

Online apps like BetMGM provide an easy way to sign up and start placing bets on your favorite NBA team. It will also give you a lot more insight into the data behind all of the games, and a more critical view of how the playoffs are panning out.

4. Watch on mobile apps

If you’re often on the go or spend a lot of time commuting or traveling or just like streaming shows or games on your phone, you might be wondering how to watch the playoffs live via mobile apps.

As a subscriber to any subscription service that shows NBA games, you’ll be able to download the app and watch the game wherever you are.

Some of the most popular mobile apps that screen the games are the official NBA app and apps like ESPN, WATCH ESPN, WATCH TNT, and more.

5. Watch a live game

There are many ways that technology can help to bring the playoffs right in front of you. It can be through VR or even on the mobile phone screen.

However, as we all know, none of these can ever replicate the experience of being at a live game with the lights, music, plastic drinks cups, and energetic atmosphere.

Therefore, to truly make the most of the NBA playoffs, why not make an effort to go and watch your favorite team play live? If you plan, you might be able to plan to attend a few games in different parts of the country.

Of course, if you’re a huge fan, it also pays to look out for any ticket competitions over the playoffs. Who knows? Maybe you could even get to go and watch the NBA playoffs live, for free.


As we’ve mentioned above, there are many innovative ways to watch the NBA playoffs this year. Why not select your favorites from the list above, and do a combination of all of them this season?