How to Protect Your PC from Spyware and Viruses in 2019

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Keeping your Windows secure and protecting your privacy are the most important things you should care about when using a computer. Most of us know that downloading apps from unknown sites, opening shady emails, keeping your software updated, and clicking questionable links is a big no. 

However, if you want to properly protect your PC, there are certain extra steps you have to make, such as:

  • Using a VPN to protect your internet traffic
  • Having a password manager which tracks all login credentials
  • Downloading an end-to-end encrypted messaging app to keep spying away 
  • Regularly running antivirus software and antivirus products to protect your PC from malicious software and suspicious software behavior
  • Try using premium antivirus software, if possible, to reap most of the benefits 
  • Never exchange flash drives 
  • Always maintain a back up of your sensitive data
  • Update your software on a regular basis

Sometimes, having the antivirus which comes with your Windows might not be the best idea. It’s always better not to use only one company for protecting your PC. Instead, you should put a solid virus or malware protection from third-party security companies to use. This is one of the best practices to minimize and eradicate all the harmful effects of viruses or malware. 

Nevertheless, before you download such software to guard your PC, you should know what the program will defend you against. Hence, here are some of the most common malicious programs you might encounter:

  • Virus: Software that spreads rapidly through a computer or computer network by replicating itself. Many viruses are destructive while some of them aren’t designed to infect immediately.
  • Ransomware: A malicious software that rapidly encrypts your files and deletes the originals before you can take action. Sometimes it requires spending money so your PC will work again.
  • Adware: Files which usually don’t do any harm to your computer. But they can cause endless pop-up ads and consume valuable memory.
  • Spyware and trojan horses: These programs clandestinely steal information from the user, including internet usage, personal info and financial data. 

Now that you’re aware who’s your opponent, you have to protect your PC from all these hazards, especially spyware and viruses. Here is how you can do so. 

Stay Safe Online with Anti-Spyware Software

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Many people often overlook the protection against spyware thinking that there is plenty of big fish in the sea and that they’re safe. However, spyware is a serious digital threat you should seriously take. Many of the protection apps and software aren’t designed to protect against spyware. They will protect your PC against malware or viruses, but you’ll still be at risk of having your internet usage data and sensitive information stolen.

To help you get maximum protection, we’ve selected the best anti-spyware software you can use. Out of all 47 antivirus programs currently available, we’ve discovered the best anti-spyware tools on the market that will help you stay safe online. 

The Best Anti-Spyware Programs for 2019


The first anti-spyware software on our list exceeded our expectations. It scans all hard drives and processes and results in a detailed analysis. This analysis helps you find even the most resilient spyware, unknown viruses, and rootkits.

What’s so great about Malwarebytes is that its free version comes with everything and will scan your computer perfectly. It will also help you quarantine any threat at the end of each scan. You’ll love its ability to catch rootkits. 

However, the paid version, also available for a free month trial, features some exceptional features, including:

  • Protecting your PC at real-time
  • The ability for scheduled and automatic scanning
  • Protecting your browser

Hence, Malwarebytes is one of the best anti-spyware programs for 2018. Nevertheless, if you want ultimate protection, don’t hesitate to go with the paid version.


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Both AVG and Avast come with the same antivirus detection engine and have the same parent company. Consequently, both tools abound in exceptional malware detection rates. But these two tools share one big difference: AVG doesn’t offer network security or a software updater. This means that AVG is perfect for:

  • Data theft protection
  • A file shredder for getting rid of sensitive data permanently
  • Web and email protection
  • Deep scanning capabilities that can find even the most hidden spyware 
  • Access to its service without registration 
  • Fast scanning 


On the other hand, Avast provides you with the necessary network security and software updater. This is an excellent tool that has shown some great malware detection results. In fact, Avast seems to be the preferred software for many PC users.

By using Avast, you can expect it will eliminate any spyware before it can damage your system. This software comes with some outstanding features, such as:

  • VPN
  • Password manager
  • Software updater.
  • Web protection.
  • Network security inspector
  • File cleaner 

The free version offers all these features. However, if you want to avoid all pop-ups and get even extra features, go with the paid version. 


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Adaware is another excellent antivirus tool that will block spyware before it has any chance to infect or damage your PC. This software offers real-time protection and scheduled scanning, which makes it a superb anti-spyware choice. What users seem to love about Adaware is its dedicated gaming mode which allows you to disable notifications during games.

Adaware will protect your PC against registry attacks, rootkits, and any suspicious processes. If you want to protect your computer from spyware you can use the free version. However, if you want additional protection and having your web, email, and/or network protected, don’t hesitate to pay for the pro version.

In a nutshell, nowadays there are many ways and programs you can use to protect your PC from spyware and viruses. You have to be very careful what you click on a download and use the best possible anti-spyware apps there are on the market. But is the paid version of the software you plan to use sounds like you need to break the bank, we’ve got a solution for you. Check and get a discount for licensed antivirus and anti-spyware software.