How to Restore Your Yamaha EX Deluxe Back to Its Original Factory Condition


There’s nothing like taking to the waves in your Yamaha EX Deluxe once the weather starts to cooperate. However, keeping your jet ski in storage all winter long can leave it needing a real tune-up.

According to Bike Bandit, in order to get your watercraft back to top factory-fresh shape, it’s going to need some components. Before you start looking at cheaper aftermarket alternatives, here are three reasons why authentic Yamaha parts are the better way to go.



The primary benefit of choosing genuine components is that you know they’re going to work. Nothing is more frustrating than opening a brand new part just to discover it doesn’t fit exactly right.

Yamaha built your EX Deluxe, so they have the manufacturing process down pat. Aftermarket suppliers might make a durable product, but it can’t have the proprietary knowledge that comes with the crafting of those original components.



Let’s say you did order those OEM Yamaha parts, and you realize quickly they don’t fit. Thankfully, the engineers on the other end of the support line are the same ones that work on Yamaha equipment daily.

Aftermarket support, when available, probably don’t know much more about the product than you do, leaving you with few options. Conversely, Yamaha personnel have direct experience working with their components as well as the rest of the vehicle, meaning they can tell you that you’re really trying to install it upside down.



When it comes down to it, parts fail. Getting your replacement components from the original manufacturer means you’ve got not only a warranty on the part but on the rest of the vehicle as well. Installing aftermarket components often voids the overall coverage, too, which means one bad part can drydock your entire vehicle.

Don’t be left high and dry by fixing up your EX Deluxe with aftermarket components. Choosing authentic Yamaha Parts will keep your jet ski going strong until the season’s done!

Thus, going for anything else is always a bad idea. Make sure you only go for genuine parts in order to make your vehicle run smoothly and you can enjoy it for long. No wonder there are many types and brands of parts available these days in the market that promises for great performance but you can hardly get satisfied with most of them. Thus, taking any chance is always risky and you can’t afford to do so.


So, don’t think anymore but go for only good and genuine parts in order to increase the life span of your vehicle and enjoy your every ride. You will ride with confidence if your bike is in good condition and you can feel proud of it. So, the time has gone when you looked at others bike but it’s time to show your Yamaha to others. Go for authentic Yamaha parts and keep yourself tension feel and ride your motorcycle with ease and stress-free. Ride it anywhere and everywhere and enjoy your life to its fullest.