How to Save on Diabetes Supplies?

Insulin for effective blood sugar control is an essential medication when it comes to diabetes treatment and insulin shock prevention. Unfortunately, buying insulin can sometimes be challenging for some people because of rapidly rising medical costs in the USA. That’s why we would like to discuss available ways to find life-saving prices and don’t get into debt for just trying to control diabetes mellitus. Continue reading to learn more!

Cheaper ways to buy insulin

It doesn’t matter whether you buy insulin online or offline; the fact that its cost in America is ridiculous remains the same. So, people now try to find new methods of purchasing it without spending all their money on remedies; in this paragraph, we would like to discuss the most popular options available out there.

Note: You need a valid prescription from your doctor to purchase insulin because it belongs to prescription medication, which means you won’t be able to buy it over-the-counter.

Talk to your health insurance company

Insurance may not cover diabetes expenses fully, but it may lower prices, as well as cover the cost of certain medical supplies (for example, glucometers). Everything depends on the insurance policy of your company of choice, so discuss this aspect with them.

Look for online suppliers

Online pharmacy is typically cheaper than offline ones because, first of all, the company shouldn’t pay rent for their local business; thus, the prices are generally a little bit lower. Also, special offers and regular discounts are something many suppliers practice to attract new customers and give their regulars a little treat. And don’t forget about other benefits, like referral programs or holiday sales (yes, even this is possible with online suppliers). But be careful, the number of scammers out there grows every day, and sometimes it can be hard to distinguish them from a reliable supplier. So, check out the information before paying! You can buy insulin online at, a reliable supplier from Canada.

Consider buying Canadian insulin

Sometimes to ship insulin from Canada is much cheaper than buying it at any American pharmacy due to sometimes ridiculous prices set for any medication in the USA. Even after including the shipping, the costs are still cheaper. It is possible to check out Canadian pharmacies online, compare different suppliers, and choose the most profitable one; just be careful – there are plenty of scammers out there, so it is crucial to check information before paying money. One more thing you should remember is that it is only possible to purchase a three-month supply and only for an individual (so American suppliers won’t be able to buy insulin online to resell it in the USA). Don’t forget about a valid insulin prescription, which is always demanded to get this product.

Check out local pharmacies

In order to find some new ways to save on insulin, check out your local drugstore or pharmacies to see what special offers are available there. There can be coupons for blood glucose meters or special test strips, as well as special rewards programs that help spend less money. By going to a local pharmacy, you may find items at costs you didn’t even expect.

Look for patient assistance programs

Some manufacturers and charitable groups are ready to provide very cheap or even free medications to patients who qualify for those. Some papers should be filled in for this purpose, and a person should be uninsured. Talk to your doctor about whether this variant is an option for you because some injectables are unavailable in patient assistance programs.

General information about insulin medications

Diabetes medications are available on the market in different forms and types, and the correct one is picked by a doctor only after careful health examination and certain medical tests conducted in the hospital. Many factors should be considered here, for example, one’s medical history, age, individual hypersensitivity reactions, and plenty of others. Thus, we cannot ignore some basic information about some peculiarities of every insulin type, so let’s dive in to learn more about all the crucial information.

Insulin types

Every insulin medication varies based on the time it works in the body; thus, they have different purposes and are usually prescribed combined. Rapid (or short-acting insulins) are needed to manage glucose during mealtime, while intermediate and long-lasting insulins are required for managing diabetes in general.

Based on the time, the way medication looks may vary as well, so some can be cloudy while others must be clear. It is better to talk with a medical professional to make sure your injectable is not spoiled and can be administered safely. Roll the device with medication gently in your hands to carefully ix insulin before the injection. Recommended spots for insulin application are the thighs, upper arm, and the abdomen; note that it’s better to switch the area every time not to cause irritation or bruising in the place of the needle puncture.

Typically, rapid and long-acting insulin products are prescribed in combination with each other and, in order not to confuse them, it is better to know all the main types of diabetes medicines; there are five most used ones:

  • Rapid-acting insulin (e.g., Humalog, Apidra);
  • Short-acting insulin (e.g., Humulin R);
  • Intermediate-acting insulin (e.g., Protaphane, Humulin NPH);
  • Mixed insulin (e.g., Humalog Mix 25/50);
  • Long-acting insulin (e.g., Levemir, Lantus).

Forms of release

Just like insulin varies according to its chemical characteristics, every diabetes medication may also differ in the form of release. There is no right answer when it comes to the question of “What is the best device to administer medications for blood sugar control?” it depends only on personal preferences and individual comfort. So, what are the most popular options available on the market?

  • Insulin syringes. This device is available in three sizes (30, 50, and 100 units); the right one is picked based on the prescribed dosage of insulin. The option is meant for a single-use only, which means you should throw it away after the administration. Moreover, the needle cannot be shared by two different people to avoid possible health complications. Medication used for the syringe typically comes in a vial;
  • Insulin pens. This one is a preferred option because of the comfortable usage of the pens. It’s small, easy to transport and use in public places, and less possible to break or smash accidentally. Besides there are two main types of insulin pens: disposable and reusable. Disposable ones should be thrown away after the medication is administered, while reusable ones come with special cartridges that can be replaced; thus, this pen can be reused;
  • Insulin pumps. This programmed device is inserted into the body and is typically recommended for people who need regular insulin administration (mainly those with diabetes type 1). It should be changed every two-three days; however, this type is not suitable for anyone, so discuss this option with a medical professional before deciding to use it.

The bottom line

Diabetes supplies can be sometimes pricy and unavailable, especially in the USA; thus, people try to look for the most beneficial ways to save money on their medications and don’t spend everything just on insulin. There are plenty of opportunities to do so; the main thing here is to just don’t be lazy and actually look for all available options around you. Try talking to your doctor about it in case you doubt how to do it on your own. Hopefully, this article was helpful for you regarding cost savings; stay safe and be well!