How to Select the Best Infrared Thermometer- Top 5 tips

Infrared Thermometers are now in demand than the traditional ones. Why? Due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19, temperature detection has become mandatory at every place. With the safety norms of social distancing, infrared thermometers are the best.

These kinds were much in use for culinary and industrial purposes. But, in our homes, the infrared ones were not so popular. Time has changed now. Selecting the best-infrared thermometer can be a tough choice. In collaboration with Holly from, in this article, we will focus on the five essential factors that you should look for while buying one.

Check the Accuracy

The accurate temperature reading is one of the main characteristics of an infrared thermometer. It is known for detecting the precise temperature of its subject. But, this feature sometime gets hampered due to changes in climate zones or sudden weather conditions. The lens in the thermometer is responsible for this factor.

  • No Lens Infrared: This type of infrared thermometer is suitable for colder climatic conditions. But, in hotter conditions, the accuracy is not maintained.
  • Fresnel Lens Infrared: It requires an acclimation period (varies from one brand to another) to adjust to the weather changes.
  • Mica Lens Infrared: The best-infrared thermometer available in the market. The accuracy is always maintained and does not get affected much requiring a maximum of 15 minutes to adjust the changing weather zones.

Detecting an accurate temperature for children is mandatory. They are most vulnerable in the pandemic. Baby Thermometer by Dropshi is one of the best ones to provide accurate readings.

Adjustable Emissivity

As the accuracy of an infrared ones, emissivity is also essential. The emissivity measures the infrared energy a thermometer can emit at a particular time. It has no units and ranges from 0.00 to 1.00.

The emissivity differs from object to object. For detecting the temperature of your body, or any other organic material, like food items, emissivity adjusted to 1.00 will work.

Emissivity becomes a problem for them while detecting metals and other hard material. But, since your preference will be more to human body temperature, then it is not an issue to concern much.

The infrared energy which is emitted by the thermometer reflects by the object on which it is projected, again to the thermometer. For this principle involved, the emissivity needs to be adjusted.

You should always buy an infrared one that has the option to adjust emissivity. Laser Thermometer Gun Pyrometer (High-Temperature Infrared Thermometer) by BTMETER has emissivity up to 1.00 and can be adjusted automatically or manually.

Maximum Measuring Distance

Social distancing is the need of the hour, emphasizing the ongoing pandemic. When you are buying an infrared one for your workplace, you need to keep in mind the distance. It is prescribed to maintain a 1 meter (100 centimeters) distance within two individuals.

The best-infrared thermometer to maintain this norm must contain a mica lens. Neither No Lens nor the Fresnel Lens is not much effective in measuring temperature from a greater distance.

The optimum measuring distance is mainly 5 centimeters. The Gun Non-Contact Digital Forehead Thermometer Medical Electric is one of the best. It is suitable for children as well as adults. Apart from your workplace, you can use it in your home too.

Fast Reading Speed

The best feature of infrared thermometers is the instant result. Gone are the days when children would sit for a couple of minutes steadily till the temperature stabilizes and pops.

The reading speed of a thermometer refers to the time taken for showing an accurate result. It varies from brand to brand for infrared ones. The best ones detect the temperature in a second or less than it.

For a professional place, nobody has the time to wait longer for temperature checking. Employers are always in a rush to complete their assigned work. Fast reading speed, hence must be considered while buying for office purposes.

Body Infrared Thermometer (Safe and Professional) by Holdpeak HP-980B is a genuine choice. You can use it in your home or at your professional place. It detects the temperature in less than a second, precisely 500 milliseconds.

Keeping Record

If you are down with fever frequently enough in a day, the doctor prescribes you to keep the track of the temperature reading. The sudden rise and fall of body temperature help doctors to determine the severity of the disease.

In some cases, when a person is on treatment for a viral or bacterial infection, temperature recordings are important to know the effect of the prescribed drug. If the drug work, then it is good, and if not, some other drugs need to be incorporated.

It is important to note down the temperature of a child having a fever. But, with so much work to do, it is obvious that you may forget to do so.

An infrared thermometer has this recording feature in it with adequate memory. You can record the temperature of a particular person, be it your child or any other loved one, and not worry about noting down on a piece of paper. It will keep track of itself.

One of the best-infrared ones is the Termometro Infravermelho Temperature Gun Meter. It is suitable for both adults and children. You can record up to 32 sets of data, either in Celsius or Fahrenheit, up to your choice.

So, these are some of the essential tips that you may find useful while buying an infrared thermometer. For a best-infrared thermometer, always look for the accuracy of it. Do not compromise on it, after all, it is about your own health and the people you love. Measuring distance is very important to keep you safe from COVID-19. Other tips like emissivity adjusting, reading speed, and keeping track are equally important. Focus on your health and your loved one with recent technology!