How to Troubleshoot Car Light Problems?

No matter what model of car you have, they all have something in common. Unfortunately, you can expect electrical problems at any moment. The brand, class, age or working condition of the car cannot be a guarantee. Fortunately, there are several warning signs that will help you detect the problem in time.

That way, your car won’t be permanently damaged, and best of all, you won’t put your life in danger. However, electrical problems are different. This means that you should consider that the electrical system is large and complex. While the battery is the most common culprit, the system is much bigger than that. We will help you solve this problem in the fastest and most efficient way.

What are the most common causes of electrical problems in a car?

Car owners mostly complain about problems with the engine starter. In that case, there is not just one cause. Probably the starter is faulty or damaged. Since it starts the entire process of driving the vehicle, you won’t be able to go anywhere until the starter is repaired. Then it is necessary to call an expert who will be able to replace or repair your car. You should pay attention to the sound that is characteristic of starting the starter. Another problem that often occurs is related to the battery. The main causes are various types of damage, poor battery life or battery leakage. If you are trying to solve this problem yourself, be careful not to let the battery fluid come into direct contact with your skin.

Of course, there are also more serious problems such as a short circuit that can cause a fire or explosion. Loose sparks may not pose much danger to you now, but remember one important thing. Just as loose screws in furniture are responsible for a large number of accidents, loose spark plugs are also the cause of unusual activity. Some of the first symptoms of loose spark plugs are unexpected loss of car power and other unusual performance. Loose wires, which cause fuses to blow, have an equally large impact.

What to do when your car breaks down on the road?

This situation is very unpleasant, but it can happen to the best drivers and expensive cars. However, many do not know what to do then. First, find a safe place to stop. Then, try to calm down if you are too upset because this is the first time this has happened to you. All drivers have experienced such situations during their driving career. There are a few rules that will help you get through the trial quickly. Be consistent in this to ensure the best traffic safety.

After finding shelter, turn on all turn signals to let other drivers know that something is wrong. That way, they’ll know to slow down as they go around you. It is equally important to ensure visibility of the vehicle to avoid further damage. Be sure to wear a reflective vest to send a message to other road users. Don’t forget to set up the safety triangle. Contact the service and send them your location, wait for the experts in a safe place.

How to Troubleshoot Car Light Problems?

The first thing you should do is turn on the headlights to check that the lights are working. For example, it happens that only one light is turned off. Once you’ve determined the cause of the problem by observation, do another quick test. If you don’t have a new light bulb with you, try tapping the light with your fist. Although the chances are very small, you might start a light bulb. However, if nothing happens, the filament has burned out. Turn off the car and remove the keys, open the engine compartment and locate the headlight bracket. It is located near the front of the car.

The next step is to disconnect the headlight bulb power wires. You will notice three wires that connect to the base of the bulb. Point the clip down and hold them in that position. If you can’t get to the bulbs because other components are in the way, you’ll probably need to remove the inner bumper. However, if you have a free approach to it, simply change the bulbs. On the specialized website there are various types and not all of them are easy to be replaced. Experts behind vland tail lights confirmed that and advise you to be careful when replacing since you can do more harm than good in some cases.

Preventive measures

You must have heard at least a few times that some drivers are guilty of not taking enough care of their car, because now they are paying dearly for that mistake. Don’t follow suit if you don’t want to empty your bank account or say goodbye to your car. Although we are often too lazy to spare a few minutes and check the little things on our car once a month, try to overcome this feeling. By adopting these habits, you can save a lot of money and extend the life of your car. Don’t forget that new parts are much more expensive than maintenance. Even if you are not an expert, you can check some components yourself to prevent small problems from becoming big ones. For example, focus on checking the engine oil and determine if it is at the desired level. A higher oil level and a lower oil level are equally dangerous.

This job will take you a minute. You can also check the coolant. Finally, the most important item is the electronics. Check the lights that allow you to have a good view and drive safely. The heart of the technique is precisely the battery, because all electrical energy comes from it. Its proper maintenance and inspection are of great importance. Try to remember the date of its manufacture, because it has to change every few years. In short, you can do a large number of checks yourself. In addition, it is mandatory to contact the service for periodic checks by experts. In between, it is advisable to take the vehicle in for servicing as soon as you notice a minor problem.


Don’t ignore the slightest problem with your car’s electrical system. It is necessary to solve the problem as soon as it is diagnosed. Periodically check its performance or leave this job to an expert. Your car needs daily care and attention to keep it running. That is why the choice of car service centers and specialists is important.